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Batom Comics VS Reality

TB pivots from an industry about which he clearly knows little, to one that he professes to understand well…and still gets it wrong. Anyone who’s worked in or around the print industry knows that if a printer fucks up the job , he eats it; he re-runs the whole job at his own expense, not charging the client for a “correction run.”  Meanwhile TB amuses himself, if no one else, by name-dropping himself, and (mis-)quoting his Crankshaft strip from a month ago.


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Tom B-Attic

Panel 2 means something to someone. Anyone wanna help a confused SoSfDavidO here with today’s strip?


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Blond Moments

Holly = fat, frumpy and blonde with misshapen head. Donna = fat, frumpy and blonde with HORRIBLY misshapen head. Got it.
–Epicus Doomus

Throw another shrimp on the barbie ’cause here comes another middle-aged blonde woman! The fact Mindy rhymes with Cindy and she’s Cindy– err, Cynthia Summers’s doppelganger isn’t helping matters in today’s strip. Living outside of Westview seems to have some advantages though, you don’t randomly wake up every six or seven years to find you’ve suddenly aged a decade overnight.

I don’t want to peek ahead, but I feel like I’m Nostradamus or something with what is about to go down. The thing is, Batty Tom has already done the Hey, stranger, your son is in the military? Have my $900 comic for a dollar.” schtick. I assume the more issues she gets the ones left over are scarcer and worth more money.

Not to coin nerd out here, but it’d be like finding out a friend of your coworker’s nephew from out-of-town is working on a penny collection so you offer to sell him a 1877 Indian Head Cent in XF condition for one cent because you think kids that still collect pennies are cute.


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Megaphoning It In

Link to today’s strip

“Easy there, Becky…you’re beginning to sound like your mother.”

“I see my influence is finally rubbing off on you, Becky.”

(No third panel at all)

There, three “jokes” right off the top of my head that would have worked better than having the constantly cackling Dinkle make a stupid irrelevant reference to a character from a different strip no one cares about. This is one of those times when I just can’t grasp the logic at work here, unless it’s just pure unmitigated laziness, in which case I understand completely.

How many FW readers are even going to get that “joke”? I’d bet that they’ll both be confused and be forced to resort to going to the official Batom Inc. website, clicking on “complete cast of characters” and scrolling through the detailed information within in order to…oh, wait. Never mind.


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Not the Van’again

It looks like Tombat finally secured enough of a budget to show instead of just tell. A wise move in this medium of art! It may not be enough to keep Les and crowd interested, however, as they’re starting to look as bored as most of the readers. I’m not sure why they’re facing “Jff” like they’re a firing squad but there’s not many places to go when a wall of text takes over your living room.

Today we finally get a peek at what went down that fabeled, magical night. Maybe. Actually, today’s comic left me even *more* confused than at the beginning of the week!


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Mr. Machina is my father. Call me Deus.

There’s several tropes to check off here; a known fact being repeated endlessly, (Yes, we’ve known there was a struggle in the van for about three weeks now) a wall of text expanding at an alarming rate and some very, very plodding story telling.
Today’s strip is much more enjoyable if read in Droopy’s voice.


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Summer Regretting They Even Came Home

DavidO here again, back and snarking after some serious WordPress glitches. On to the snark!

Mentioning the fact that John Darling is Jessica’s murdered TV host father over and over was funny at first. Then it got REAL old. But now it’s funny again!

Though it may take the next six days for “him” to get out of the car and ring the doorbell, “He” is here! I can only assume from the excitement and clunky exposition that “he” referenced in today’s strip is Kevin Bacon.


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