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Jan. 1 – 8, 2012
Harry gets his band director uniform out of mothballs to wear while watching the Rose Parade; Bull seeks out former girls’ basketball coach for help with his slumping team; we learn that Pete is returning to New York.

Jan. 9 – 15, 2012
The Westview school board decides to promote good nutrition by removing all the “vendos” (or “vending machines” as they are called on planet Earth).

Jan. 16 – 28, 2012
Ann Fairgood visits the girls’ basketball practice to share her experiences as the first coach of the girls’ team. She shares some “old school” plays that help the She-Goats end their losing streak.

Jan. 29 – Feb. 3, 2012
The week begins with a couple throwaway Crazy Harry strips, then Owen becomes Les’ third student in three years to be caught submitting an assignment “cribbed” from the internet.

Feb. 5-11, 2012
The girls’ basketball team continues to improve; Bull babbles to a TV reporter; Ann Fairgood has aged a few decades in the space of a month.

Feb. 12-19, 2012
Sunday is a comic book tribute in honor of Crazy Harry’s 52nd (!) birthday; Bull rambles some more; Cayla gets Valentine flowers from “secret admirer” Les; the annual Band Banquet. Crazy Harry gets the final volume to complete his collection of Tarzan comics.

Feb. 20 – Mar. 17, 2012
The Westview girls’ basketball team, led by assistant coach Fishstick Annie, head to the state championships. Summer, despite a case of the flu, sparks the team to victory, sinking the game-winning freethrow. Westview celebrates.

Mar. 18-25, 2012
Bull reminisces about his athletic scholarship and his “near-miss” with the NFL. St. Lisa nags Les via yet another videotape. Jim holds forth again about global warming.

Mar. 26 – Apr. 1, 2012
Funky Winkerbean and Montoni’s celebrate their respective 40th anniversaries.

Apr. 2-8, 2012
WHS Senior Class trip to Washington, D.C. Sunday, Cayla and Les plan their future, living in Les’ old house.

Apr. 9-29, 2012
Summer intervenes when Cody is bullied by Wedgeman; Cody decides he is in love with Summer and proceeds to send her anonymous texts. He receives anonymous texts in return, which turn out to be from Owen, who it turns out also has a crush on Summer. After a brief spat, the two boys agree that she’s “out of their league”.

Apr. 30-May 26
Two male students (who are never named and never seen again) buy tickets to attend the prom. With each other. Becky’s mom Roberta observes the ticket sale and marches into principal Nate’s office to demand he do something about it. She then proceeds to organize a protest outside the high school, while her husband meekly and quietly videotapes her every move. The students organize a counter-protest, in the form of a walkout, to show their support for the same-sex couple. Before this can happen, Nate summons “every student, teacher, and parent volunteer” to an assembly in the gym, where he informs everyone that nothing in the Student Handbook prohibits same-sex couples from attending prom. Roberta stands up to voice her objection, but her husband loudly and dramatically orders her to “sit down and be still.” The prom goes on as scheduled. During the evening, a student (obscured by scenery so we can’t see who it is), confides to Nate that while he (or she) is not ready to “come out”, he (or she) thanks Nate for taking a stand. Nate and his wife are elected King and Queen of the prom.

May 27-June 3
Les and Cayla are seen fixing up the “Taj Moore-hal”. Summer and Keisha receive scholarships from (where else?) Kent State. The Westview Class of 2012 graduates.

June 4-10
In her latest videotape, Lisa advises daughter Summer to “follow your heart”. Summer’s heart decides that she and Les will climb Mount Kilimanjaro together, and she enlists Bull to “train” Les for the trek. Crazy Harry offers to help by lending Les his collection of Tarzan comics.

June 11-16
Les discovers Summer and Cayla making fun of his high school yearbook.

June 17-24
Funky drags his poor senile Dad to a Father’s Day lunch at the mall food court. Les and Summer finish training and packing and get on the plane for the Kilimanjaro trip.

June 18-30
Funky turns in his leased car for a new one, then spends the rest of the week choosing a name for the new car.

July 1-21
The Kilimanjaro trip begins. Les irritates Summer and everyone he meets with his “I presume” schtick. We meet James, the native guide, and fellow Kili traveler Dan, who discovers that a kitten has stowed away in his luggage. As the party begin their trek, Les, despite his “training”, struggles with exertion and altitude sickness, to the point of hallucination.

July 22- August 5
The Kilimanjaro trip continues. Dan assumes Les’ role as the weakling of the party, complaining about the cold. The climbers reach the summit, where Les deposits a photo of a smirking Lisa. Everyone (including the kitten, who managed to survive) gets a certificate for completing the trek. Reunited with Cayla on the porch swing, Les has nothing interesting to share about his adventure.

August 6-11
Rachael and Wally visit the county fair.

August 13-26
Band camp: John confides to Funky that Becky’s commitment as band director leaves her no time for a sex life. “Band Grand Mom” Roberta shows up at band camp and proceeds to take over Becky’s job. Becky seeks counsel from her mentor Dinkle.

August 27-September 2
Pete announces that his comic-book career requires him to move back to New York City. Jess and Darin prepare to move into Pete’s former dwelling above Montoni’s. Sunday, Bull cavalierly blows off a football dad who seeks more playing time for his son.

September 3-9
Cory informs his parents that he’s somehow managed to enlist in the military without their knowing about it Sunday, the Scapegoats debut, and immediately destroy, an inflatable tunnel shaped like a football helmet.

September 10-16
Pete is on another deadline, which naturally means another imaginary battle with the Lord of the Late. While he struggles to come up with a story idea, Jessica, Darin and Mooch move his stuff out of the apartment for him.

September 17-23
With Darin and Jessica finally out of Moore Manor, Les starts thinking about his wedding to Cayla; she proceeds to plan the whole thing, to be held in Les’ front yard.

September 24-30
Les and Cayla help Summer and Keisha move into their dorm at Kent State…a month after classes have begun. Upon returning home, Les reminds Cayla that they must get ready for the Lisa’s Legacy run and their wedding. Cayla deadpans “Just shoot me now.”

October 1-7
Les and Funky do “a little roadwork” in preparation for Sunday’s annual Lisa’s Legacy Run. After the event, a cancer survivor approaches Les and credits Lisa’s Legacy for the early detection of her cancer.

October 8-14
Naturally St. Lisa has left a tape for Les on the occasion of his remarriage. Les and Cayla undertake setting up their home for the outdoor wedding. Summer returns with Keisha from school, offering a wisecrack instead of some help, and both girls get a nasty look from the parents.

October 15-22
The wedding of Cayla and Les.

October 23-28
After the wedding, Fred and Ann inexplicably decide to take Darin and Jessica on a tour of the neighborhood where they lived when they first were married.

October 29-November 3
Cory departs for Army basic training; Halloween at Westview High; the annual Battle of the Bands (spoiler alert: it rains).

November 4-11
Cody innocently inquires of John: “If they’re called ‘comic’ books…shouldn’t they be funny?” Gets a lecture about the history of comics that lasts all week.

November 12-17
Cody and Owen take part in the County Robotics competition; lose. Sunday, Cayla responds to Les’ witty puns with an elbow to the ribs.

November 19-23
Owen sucks at selling band turkeys; Funky visits senile Dad; Cayla brutally tackles Les during a game of “touch” football.

November 19-December 20
An extended Crazy Harry arc begins. Harry explains to Donna his love of old comic books. The next day he walks into Montoni’s to inform Funky that USPS is shutting down the Westview Post Office and he’s out of a job. Harry decides he must sell off his beloved library, spending a week sorting and packing his books and his comics before schlepping them off to John, who offers Crazy Harry a job at the Komix Korner.

December 21-26
Christmas in Westview. Holly and Funky visit Moore Manor, but are feeling blue because Cory’s away in the Army. Les suggests they all go Christmas caroling. Sunday’s strip is a “Classic Funky flashback” showing that Les and Funky indeed went caroling as teens. Funky and Holly (and Cory, via Skype) visit Funky’s dad at the rest home.

December 27-31
Les and Cayla go to Kent to watch the girls play basketball. Cayla is frustrated that not only won’t Keisha return her calls, she and Summer have made other plans for New Year’s Eve.

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