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January 1-8
Crazy Harry arrives with wife Donna two hours early in order to secure his “perfect seat” at Centerville’s Valentine Theatre for a screening of Casablanca.

January 9-15
At Hollywood’s famed (and long-defunct) Brown Derby, Cliff proposes to Vera with a Starbuck Jones decoder ring.

January 16-22
Cory and Rocky join Les and Funky for a run to recruit them for a Lisa’s Legacy team for the Akron Marathon.

January 23-29
Becky accompanies Dinkle to the Ohio Music Education Association conference.

January 30-February 11
Funky and Holly travel to a clinic in Dallas for their annual physicals. A spot on Funky’s kidney turns out to be a harmless cyst, but the health scare motivates the Winkerbeans to visit a lawyer to plan their estate.

February 12-26
Funky goes to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to renew his license.

February 27-March 11
While “on hiatus” from the neverending Starbuck Jones production, Darin returns to Westview to check out Les’ progress, or complete lack of same, on their book collaboration.

March 12-19
Funky wanders around an abandoned house in the woods.

March 20-26
Yet another round of changes to the Starbuck Jones sequel triggers yet another sepia toned flashback to the days of Batom Comics.

March 27-April 8
Dinkle visits Becky and the Westview band. A letter has arrived for Dinkle: a Belgian chocolate company wants to fly him to Belgium to present him with an award for selling so much band candy.

April 9-16
Les continues work on another volume about his late wife while his living wife fetches hot cocoa to him out in the garage. Sunday: a strip about Montoni’s Band Box.

April 17-23
Assorted goings-on involving the current batch of teenaged characters and vendos.

April 24-30
Mason inexplicably is upset with the fact that the yet-unreleased Starbuck Jones movie is already generating Oscar buzz. Meanwhile, Cindy’s Cliff Anger doc is nominated for an Emmy.

May 1-7
Harry and Harriet Dinkle travel to the chocolate factory in Belgium to pick up Harry’s award for chocolate sales.

May 8-14
Becky hogs the podium at the Westview Band Banquet.

May 15-June 4
Miscellaneous one-off gag strips, mostly revolving around Westview’s high school students and teachers as the school year ends. Rick Burchett begins his tenure as penciller with the May 28 strip.

June 5-11
Harry decides that the Bedside Manorisms, the senior citizen music ensemble he directs, ought to record a CD, and sends the old folks out to peddle candy to cover the expense.

June 12-25
Jess arranges a trip for Darin and Pete to “the Flash Museum in Central City.”

June 26-July 1
On the movie set, Mason’s allergies cause him to sneeze.

July 2-August 5
The gang attend the San Diego Comic-Con: John and Crazy Harry camp outside the convention center in lawn chairs while Mason and Cindy, Cliff and Vera, and Pete and Darin are ensconced at the Hotel del Coronado. The stars, along with director Martin Johns and Holtron, WHS’ ancient, sentient computer, are introduced to the Hall “H” crowd by Conan O’Brien to an adoring crowd. Afterwards, at the hotel, director Martin Johns shares with the Starbuck Jones crew a Tweet he received from Jeff Murdoch, suggesting that the film’s world premiere be held at Centerville’s Valentine Theater, which is owned by Jeff’s son Max and is barely able to stay in business. The gang hopes the event will allow them to keep the theater’s doors open.

August 6-12
Darin brings son Skyler to a kid’s party where the caricaturist is Batom comics legend and Starbuck Jones creator Phil Holt.

August 13-19
Preparations continue for the SJ premiere at the Valentine. In Centerville, Pete meets and hits it off with Max’s sister Mindy.

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