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January 1-8
Crazy Harry arrives with wife Donna two hours early in order to secure his “perfect seat” at Centerville’s Valentine Theatre for a screening of Casablanca.

January 9-15
At Hollywood’s famed (and long-defunct) Brown Derby, Cliff proposes to Vera with a Starbuck Jones decoder ring.

January 16-22
Cory and Rocky join Les and Funky for a run to recruit them for a Lisa’s Legacy team for the Akron Marathon.

January 23-29
Becky accompanies Dinkle to the Ohio Music Education Association conference.

January 30-February 11
Funky and Holly travel to a clinic in Dallas for their annual physicals. A spot on Funky’s kidney turns out to be a harmless cyst, but the health scare motivates the Winkerbeans to visit a lawyer to plan their estate.

February 12-26
Funky goes to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to renew his license.

February 27-March 11
While “on hiatus” from the neverending Starbuck Jones production, Darin returns to Westview to check out Les’ progress, or complete lack of same, on their book collaboration.

March 12-19
Funky wanders around an abandoned house in the woods.

March 20-25
Yet another round of changes to the Starbuck Jones sequel triggers yet another sepia tpned flashback to the days of Batom Comics.

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