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January 1-5
The Atomik Komix team, including “new” artist Ruby Lith, spend the New Year’s holiday working on their latest title, Wayback Wendy.

January 6-18
Mason flies Les and Cayla out to California to discuss his plans for finally turning Lisa’a Story into a movie, including casting his Starbuck Jones leading lady Marianne Winters in the title role. While the men discuss the movie’s casting, Cindy and Cayla walk along the beach talking girl stuff.

January 19-February 2
Dinkle and Becky at the Ohio Music Educators Association convention.

February 3-22
Kitch Swoon visits the offices of Atomik Komix with “a niced-sized check for one of your artists.” Jess, who is in the office to take Darin to lunch, thinks the check is meant for her hubby, but it turns out to be for Ruby. Darin does get a check, which he blurts out is about how much he’d already spent on other artists’ work. Chester realizes that he already owns the rights to Miss American, and it is decided that Atomik will reboot the comic, with art by the original artist, Ruby. Chester returns to Ruby the Miss American cover art he’d purchased at the Dibbs Gallery.

February 23-29
Funky and Holly are watching basketball on TV. Funky goes into the kitchen to make hot chocolate, and misses the game-winning shot.

March 1-7
Dinkle shares with Becky that he has been reading a book about squirrels.

March 8-15
Buck Bedlow visits the widow Bushka, who presents him with the tiny, battered football helmet that Bull wore when he took his own life.

March 16-29
Summer arrives home to learn that Les is in New York with Mason, scouting locations for the Lisa’s Story movie.

March 30-31
Funky at the gym with a different trainer.

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