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Mother’s Little Helper

First and foremost! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms, Grandmas, Aunts, and Female Mentors in our comments section. I hope that somebody spoiled each and every one of you today in the way you love best, whether that be your favorite food, a foot massage, a long Sunday nap, or an obnoxiously obsessive post about a defunct comic strip.

Whatever you did today, pretty good chance it was better than Rose Murdoch’s Mother’s Day back in in 2014.

I hate you, Mom. I hate you soooo much. I only let you live in my house so I can watch up close the misery and fear you feel as your mortal vessel crumbles around your poisonous spiteful soul.
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Justice For All!

Yeah, you know how I said I was waiting on an official legal opinion from an official lawyer?

I lied, I was waiting for the latest issue of Moppu no Jikan to arrive!

Straight from Akihabara!
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In Defense of The Slimy Classics.

John Howard has been arrested for ANIME CRIMES!!!

Seen here! Artist’s rendition of the scene!
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Round ’em Up!

Greetings fellow Nitpickers! Hello from the blustery pastures of Iowa!

Our calving pasture is absolutely littered with baby beauties. Hopefully next week we’ll be able to move the widdle hamburger nuggets and the moo mommas out to the Van Fleet Place pasture. And if we’re really really lucky they won’t jump the fence to start tromping around in places they don’t belong.

Speaking of tromping around in places they don’t belong!

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Book It!

Took me forever to realize that these lumpy headed monsters were supposed to be buckeyes. Makes Ayer’s 2021book festival art look like a a masterpiece.

As Y. Knott, Duck of Death, and our other Crankshaft correspondents have informed us, Lillian is currently at the Ohioana Book Festival, which is going on for realsies this weekend. I briefly had considered going, (seriously,) just for a wacky vacation road trip with a wacky destination. I’ve already forced my housemate, partner-in-crime, and heterosexual life partner, to promise that someday we’ll do a fun Funky tour. But we couldn’t go this year due to the very following crucial factors:

1.) Cows.

Still, probably would have been a low-key fun time. Especially since I’m pretty easy to please.

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