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Happy Birthday Funky Winkerbean!

(Do you know what a blizzard at the end of March, right in the heart of calving season means?)

(It means you only get an Anniversary TimeMop cover today. And I get to finally sleep after a day and night of coddling chilly newborn calves.)

This time last year, we here at SOSF were celebrating 50 years of this silly strip by exploring Act I and wondering if Funky Winkerbean would ever end.

Now here we are, a year later, watching something neither alive, nor really dead. The current Funkyshaftverse wearing old Crankshaft’s skinned face. A strange zombie creation. Ailing siblings grafted into one. Horrifying, reverse-engineered, conjoined twins staggering limply from one ashen grey, putrescent yellow, and sickly blue plotline to another.

And yet, this new amalgamation was born 51 years ago. So let us mark the day.

What rough beast, its hour come round at last,   

Slouches towards Centerville to be boring?


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Dives within Dives

(You see that up there? That’s what happens when you make parody strips on Nyquil, kids. Don’t mix Phenylephrine and Photoshop.)

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Catalyst for Transformation

What a treat! In Crankshaft, DSH John is gracing us with his presence, leaning on his Komix Kounter and dispensing pulpy wisdom.

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It Ain’t Easy Being Green.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day all you beautiful Beady-Eyed Nitpickers!

I hope you celebrated in the traditional way, by escaping from Irish pirates and snake genocide.

The festive mood jiggled my memory, and I recalled that we’d skipped an important date in our SOSF liturgical calendar. I hope late is better than never.

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Mopping Up

Heya folks! CBH here again. I know Epicus just posted yesterday and hyped me up as indefatigable, but we’ve had a couple calving issues this week. (For which I blame Sorial!) Crappy weather, two successful assisted births, an ill calf we lost, and a full necropsy on a 500 lb feeder calf that passed. None of it too out of the ordinary for a herd this size, but it did eat up time today I was planning on polishing off a big ol’ Johnny Howard post.

Luckily for me Beckoning Chasm was working overtime and hunted up this mind-blowing Super Special Crossover Issue of TIMEMOP for all of you to marvel at.

Long live the photoshop master! Praise him with great praise!

(Note: If this amazing cover does not get sufficient praise, I will ragequit this blog.)

Hope to have the next deep dive post out in a couple of days.

(P.S. I don’t really blame Sorial. But I was thinking of him when dad and I were loading up the calf-jack a few days ago.)

(P.P.S. Sorry for all the parenthetical asides BJ6K, I know it’s an annoying crutch of Batiuk’s but I couldn’t stop myself today.)

(P.P.S.S. I love all you peeps, serious.)


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