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Dead Feeb

SosfdavidO here, and we’re back with “What hearing loss?” Harry Dinkle in today’s strip. Tombat really wrote himself into a corner with this charcter– it’s hard to kill off someone based on a real life person you know. So Dinkle is a spry 70 year old forever while the rest of the Funky Bunch slowly catches up to him, eventually likely even passing him in age.

“Dead Feeb” is as good of a password as I could muster from the variety of options available from musical notes but I’m sure someone can do better!


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O Hai Tom Batiuk

Christmas comes early for us human mosquitoes in the form of a “tip of the Funky felt tip” from Thee Author Himself! Well, it’s more like he’s giving us the finger. Hunky blond lunk Mason suddenly gets high and mighty in true McCarthy-era Cliff Anger style when faced with rumors on “the message boards”involving him and Marianne. By the way, Mason uses the word “advisedly” advisedly. The real kicker though is his use of the phrase “chew toy”, which is the moniker applied by human mosquitoes to St. Lisa during her Pulitzer campaign.


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A Door, a Jarre

Ah, the Director Guy. We hardly know anything about him; not his name (the back of his director’s chair just says “Director“), nor when his hair color tuned from blue-black to brown. But today we learn that Director Guy’s got some temper! It must stem from frustration over how little control he has over this project. His leading man takes it upon himself to cast extras and fly his friends around. The leading man’s fiance hangs around the set an interferes with a scene. Another take is nearly ruined when errant school bus rolls into a crucial location shot. A mole from a gossip website sets up shop on the set and is permitted to remain there after he blows his own cover. It’s enough to make your face break out in weird halftone blotches!


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Starbuck John’s

September 12, 2016 at 8:47 am
…Stills? Seriously? Any real comic geek would have long since downloaded a choppy, post-production print just to see what scenes didn’t make it into the final edit…

What Hitorque says makes sense. I’m no fervid fanboy, but a buddy of mine once showed me a bootleg, pre-release rough cut of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Some of the SFX had yet to be added, and you could still see the wires and harnesses on the stuntmen performing jumps. It was kinda cool. But is piecing together a movie’s plot from stills really a thing? How does one determine “the correct order”?


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Still Crazy

Despite an erratic and inexplicable production schedule, it looks like buzz is building for “the upcoming” Starbuck Jones movie to the point where the first images are being leaked online. Crazy Harry should know better than to think he’d have the “scoop” on ultimate fanboy John, who has managed to automate the process of gathering these treasures from the web. I can’t goof on DSHJ too much, as yours truly has a Google Alert set up that notifies me of online mentions of “tom batiuk”, but hey, it’s my job.


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B.C. (Batiuk’s Cavemen)

Again with the friggin’ cartoon cavemen! I’ve tried to use restraint when it comes to judging Wally’s behavior on the chance that this might be a true-to-life depiction of life for an afflicted vet. But folks, Wally’s been back Stateside over seven years now. And sure, his wife and everyone in his hometown mostly left him to fend for himself. But seven years. This fish-out-of-water act is really getting old. Fortunately, the day is saved by a young lady so unconcerned about campus security that she cheerfully unlocks the door for a gaunt, older stranger in military fatigues.


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Look at that Caveman Go

Okay, there seems to be a motif at work here…I mean aside from the fact that today’s strip is a rehash of the day before, with Wally as a cartoon caveman in the last panel instead of the first. It’s a pretty safe bet that everyone recognized Fred Flintstone in Monday’s strip;  no doubt some of you recognized Alley Oop, but I had to shake my head at this Tip of the Funky Felt Tip to a character I thought obscure even by Tom Batiuk’s standards.

According to Wikipedia, the Alley Oop comic strip was created by American cartoonist V. T. Hamlin in 1932. This surprised me, as I’d had Oop pegged as a prewar contemporary of Little Nemo and The Yellow Kid. I was even more surprised to learn that the strip survives over 80 years later and today appears in more than 600 newspapers. That’s roughly half again as many papers that carry Funky Winkerbean.


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