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Midwestern Boy On His Own

And now, we return you to your scheduled program of…

Speaking Frankly, The Fallen Leaf.

Tonight we’re travelling back to a magical place, Hollywood. And we’re travelling back to a magical time, 2016.

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Hello all!

Comic Book Harriet here with a posting schedule announcement.

Going forward I’m going to try to have a fresh post up for you guys Mondays and Thursdays. (The posts will go live at our traditional time of 10:30 New Jooisey time the night before.) Other esteemed hosts and guest posters may also crop up any day of the week!

I have several character retrospectives in mind, but am also open to suggestions. Any particular person, place, arc, or theme you’d like to see, comment below.

Current Crankybean grousing will be included, and is welcome in the comments.

Come back tomorrow night for the exciting conclusion of THE FRANKIE SAGA.

In the meantime. Enjoy this bit of obsessive nonsense.

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Say You Will

Whelp. That’s it. The 2022 Funky Awards have all been given out. The final year of Funky Winkerbean has been analyzed, measured, judged, rated, and completely broken apart to be reassembled.

The post mortem is over.

Surprise! It was cancer.
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The Art of the Steal

Good, bad, pointless, or punchable, Batiuk and Ayers provided us with no shortage of material this year. For an artist who preached so stridently on the environment, Batiuk turned out a lot of junk.

Many talented beady-eyed nitpickers in the SOSF comments crew took it upon themselves to upcycle that trash into treasure. Following in the grand tradition of Wally Wood, they cut, copied and pasted themselves to some beautiful masterpieces.

For example, this collaborative gem, written by Sorial Promise and pasted up by yours truly.

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The Cream of the Crap

Now that we have crowned the worst, we must similarly honor the best. And like any election after 1796, it was easy to find candidates who were awful, but terribly difficult to find truly good nominees.

In order for a strip to be nominated, it had to achieve Batiuk’s desired effect. If the strip was supposed to be funny and was, or was supposed to be charming and mostly succeeded, it made the short list. It was a very short list. The thinnest silver lining to a dark cloud.

And that cloud destroys everything it touches…
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