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January 1-3
A couple more strips about Funky being fat and old; Becky presides over the winter band banquet.

January 4-10
Komix Korner hijinks and a couple Funky/Holly throwaway gags; Sunday with Mr. Kablichnick.

January 11-23
Funky goes to the eye doctor and is scheduled for cataract surgery.

January 24-30
Becky, Dinkle, and for some reason, the band students, attend the Ohio Music Education Association conference.

January 31-February 14
Funky goes into the hospital for his cataract procedure.

February 15-20
Dinkle substitute teaches Mrs. Howard’s band class.

February 21-28
Funky and Holly have their kitchen and bathroom remodeled.

March 1-7
Les does yet another book signing.

March 8-15
Jess overhears a conversation between Darin and Pete that makes her suspect her husband is cheating on her.

March 16-April 4
Harry Dinkle answers a newspaper classified ad for a church organist at Centreville’s St. Spires.

April 5-11
“World Famous Cartoonist” Batton Thomas visits Komix Korner.

April 5-18
The ladies of St. Spires turn to Harry Dinkle for fundraising advice; he sends them door to door selling candy.

April 19-May 2
Funky, at an AA meeting, describes his experiences during “the pandemic,” and regales the room with a story about a treadmill mishap.

May 3-16
Dinkle meets “Bingo,” the St. Spires choir loft cat. When the door to door candy sales fundraiser turns out to be “a flop,” one of the choir ladies posts a video featuring Bingo to a crowdfunding site, and it instantly raises a huge amount of money.

May 17-22
Funky’s kitchen and bathroom “reno” is finally completed.

May 23-30
Mindy listens to more tales of Ruby’s days as a woman working in the mostly male golden/silver age of comics, and shares with Ruby that she’s been harrassed too, only online.

May 31-June 6
Another comic book relic, “Flash” Freeman, hangs around the Atomik Komix office. Mindy persuades Pete to have Flash and Ruby honored at Comic-Con.

June 7-12
Harry Dinkle plans on march as one of 300 band directors in the Tournament of Roses parade, and sells band candy door to door to cover travel expenses for himself and Harriet.

June 13-20
Funky monopolizes another AA meeting moaning about the effect of the pandemic on his restaurant business.

June 21-27
Batton Thomas stops by Komix Korner to regale Dead Skunk Head John with stories about the days when comic books cost a dime.

June 28-August 1
The Atomik Komix “bullpen” flies to San Diego for Comic-Con, where Flash and Ruby are to be inducted into their Hall of Fame.  During their panel, Flash is heckled by a mysterious, cigar smoking midget in a Darth Vader helmet. This heckler turns out to be Flash’s old Batom Comics partner Phil Holt, who faked his own demise several years earlier so he could “work without being bothered.” Everyone is invited to Phil’s studio, where he reveals he’s been working on “The Subterranean,” the project which led to the pair’s falling out decades ago.

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