Who are these people?

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Today’s strip shows two new characters to the strip talking over…

Oh, it’s Summer, with her first dialogue since 2015! And she’s talking to Cayla, and of course, they’re talking about Les, since that’s the only thing these two are ever shown doing anymore.

As it turns out, this is one of Batiuk’s annoying introductions. I suppose it’s no spoiler to reveal that this week’s going to be about Les at a book signing, which also means that today’s strip is a useless one to introduce the subject. He could have easily introduced this sequence by actually starting with Les at his book signing, but that would mean that he couldn’t repeat the premise and effectively skip a day.

But I guess the larger point that this strip makes is that it establishes that Les’s signing is taking place at the Columbus Museum of Art for some damn reason. This only reminds me of how Batiuk has insisted that true art such as his belongs in a museum, rather than being in a more commercial venue. We can only hope that’s this is the last time he flogs that particular conceit in this sequence.

But hey! Marvel at Batiuk remembering that Summer exists and giving her a line. It might be Fall, 2019 before we see this again! Admire her awkwardly angled dorm mirror and try not to think too hard about what exactly that odd bottle of I-don’t-know-what is on her dresser, which Burchett decided to include for some reason.



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Tales of Westspew

SosfdavidO here with nary a clue about what Sunday’s strip will be about! Your guess is as good as mine. I’ll swing back for a snark when there’s something to tear into!

Update; Tombat phoned this one in. You can tell because Les and Funky are jogging, his shorthand for “ah, damn it, whatever, let me crap something out.” as today’s sunday strip shows.

Of course, it’s all about Les. Les-Lisa. Lesa? Her head is floating in the masthead to bless the whole damn thing, but it’d be so much better if her head had been reduced to a skull.


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SosfdavidO here! As the week progresses Bull devolves into a vacant man-child barely capable of forming coherent thoughts, as today’s strip shows. Linda and Buck look like they’re about to ditch this freakshow and drive out of town to the nearest motel.

No, Bull, it’s not going to be okay. Not even close. You’re weaving into a Very Spechul Storyline and trust me, you don’t want to be there. Just ask Saint Lisa!


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Proba-Bull Brain Damage

SosfdavidO here, and it looks like more-handsome-than-90%-of-Westview-Men Buck feels a bit bad in today’s snoozer because he might be behind some of the football related injuries that Bull experiences whenever Tombat remembers he’s supposed to have them. Don’t worry, Buck, much like Dinkle’s hearing loss, the traumatic brain injury seems to come and go on a whim.


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Sonofdavido here with no preview available for tonight but here’s a placeholder for you night owls!


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Bull Run

Wow, the ol’ man didn’t lay it too easy on Bull in today’s harsh-a-thon, letting Bull know he had an obvious “tell” before running a play. Speaking of tells, this guy just TOLD Bull he’s an idiot and that the Scapegoats losses are squarely on his shoulders.

Whelp, enjoy the rest of your retirement Bull!


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Oh no he DIDnt

Finally, after wasting a week of everyone’s time, we finally find out in today’s strip an inkling of what Buck’s Guilt over winning games no one remembers but these two losers from over 30 years ago. Linda, in the meantime has made herself useful by bringing him some sort of unidentifiable artifact that I assume is cyanide-laced coffee.


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