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Oh…sorry… it’s just that today’s strip is more of the same “Wabbit season!  Duck season!” crap between Tony and Funky and it’s, well… not very interesting.

Poor Wally, though. We can just turn the page or (more likely) click away. But he’s stuck there in Westview, the comics version of Purgatory, standing helplessly by in his gaunt and so weary way as the two Morons in Chief discuss using toys to deliver pizzas.

You know what would be cool? If Funky had secretly fallen off the wagon and suddenly started getting the DTs while looking at that stupid drone:


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Tony in the sky, with Pizza

In typical Batom® fashion, today’s strip is nothing but more of yesterday’s scribble – does anyone really need to be told that a “pizza drone” is intended to deliver pizza? Gotta hand it to T-Bats: no one can cram two panels of plot development into four panels so well.

And the more I look at that ridiculous little Guido-headed quad copter, the stupider this idea is. I see the props and landing gear, and a really small box in the middle which probably holds the batteries and control circuitry. Where does the pizza go? Inside that little red box? Maybe Tony’s going to send pizza out one slice at a time.


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drone, [v] 3. To proceed monotonously

HeyItsDave here, taking a break from playing Pokemon Go long enough to mock the Westview simpletons.

Today’s strip is ripped directly from the headlines of…what, November 2015, right? That’s when Amazon first announced they were working on drone delivery for a service they’re calling Amazon Prime Air. I guess that really got the ol’ creative juices going for T-Bats…too bad he writes this stuff so far in advance.

I’ve seen those little quad copter “drones” in action, and they haven’t got enough lift to pick up a roll of quarters, let alone transport a gloppy Ahia mess of a pizza. Can’t wait to see how this plays out…although, if the typical Batiuk Tony Montoni arc template is used, it will be several days of just talking Tony out of yet another of his spaghetti-brained ideas.


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Dead Skunkhead is back from ComicCon and he’s eager to show off his latest purchase; a needlessly huge statue that’s going to scare the daylights out of Becky every day for a few weeks until she gets used to it being there. From the sounds of things in today’s strip John didn’t exactly get Becky’s blessing.

No more kids!? That’s a little dark. Did they have kids to begin with? Forgive me for using track but kids in Westview are props pulled out during turkey sales and whenever someone is moving into the apartment above Montoni’s.


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Tandboori Chicken

What!? After pulling the rug out from under us once with that “It was just a video game” cop-out ending to the Wally getting IED’d story arc Tomhack wastes our week with more of the same in today’s strip

How much of this is a dream!? Because Darin working on a major Hollywood movie with pretty much nil experience seems more like a far-fetched fever dream than them illegally boarding a Chinese vessel. Is this Inception or some shit I don’t have time for? Is Pete dreaming all this back in New York!?


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Holy Corpses Batman

Aw, come on, Tombat! You referenced the 1960s Batman in yesterday’s strip, at least bring it home in today’s strip with a cartoony blam.


I joke around about this but it’s really all rather sobering. Darin is either dead or has suffered a life-altering wound. Pete could be charged with his murder as an accomplice if Darin *is* dead, and that’s assuming Captain Boomstick doesn’t plan on unloading on Pete next.

This means Jessica is now likely either a widower who will now have to raise her child on her own or her hubby is now in prison for piracy. Pete, well, does it matter? Their careers are over. It’s done. All for some pens he couldn’t wait 8 hours for.

Was it worth it, Darin?


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Dopes on a Rope

You know what’s not really funny? Piracy. Not like “Download a bad copy of Secret Life of Pets” type piracy but actual open seas piracy. I’m guessing the Chinese know how to deal with the menace. One little blast of a firehose in today’s strip and these two are fish food.


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