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Bang for the Buck

From the FW blog:
Rick [Burchett]…lays-out and pencils the Sunday sequence. When that’s finished, it’s my turn to jump back in and ink it into a Funky Sunday. The lettering is then done on the computer after which it goes off to colorist Rob Ro who proceeds, as he always does, to turn it into a totally beautiful Funky Sunday.

Colorist Rob can even turn a clump of gridiron turf into a flaming mini-volcano! Well done, Rob! So today we get the big payoff in the Buck Bedlow saga. We wondered why Buck showed up out of nowhere and went to such lengths to overturn Bull’s non-touchdown in the Big Game. What Buck was really doing was getting a preview of his own impending decline. But if he got his “CTE diagnosis” (grrrrrrrrrr!) “last month,” why did he show up back in September?

Well it’s been a pleasure stoking the snark fires these first two weeks of the new year. Tomorrow, guest author Charles takes over the reins. Wear a helmet, folks! –TFH



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How Blue Was My Astra

Maybe I’ll update this post later on and maybe not, but in the meantime please enjoy today’s strip without dislocating your neck. BeckoningChasm will be heckling the Starbuck Jones cast and crew from behind the velvet ropes starting Monday. Thanks to BC and to Team SoSF and most especially to you, the readers!

Your genial host,


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‘Cause Monday is a mess

Today’s strip was not available ahead of time and I won’t be at the computer when it drops because I have tickets to see a band that I’d bet Tom Batiuk appreciates, NRBQ. But I’d be a poor host not to hang out a placeholder post, so fire away and fall back!


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April Come She Will


by | March 31, 2017 · 11:59 pm

Sack-ological Disorder

It’s late, I’m tired, Mason is in fact bi…polar, Cindy cares not a whit. Good for her. Have at it, snarkers.


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Just Another Funky Friday

I wasn’t able to Lewis and Clark today’s strip for ya.


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Saturday, Sept. 20

Today’s strip wasn’t available for preview…


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