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How Blue Was My Astra

Maybe I’ll update this post later on and maybe not, but in the meantime please enjoy today’s strip without dislocating your neck. BeckoningChasm will be heckling the Starbuck Jones cast and crew from behind the velvet ropes starting Monday. Thanks to BC and to Team SoSF and most especially to you, the readers!

Your genial host,



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‘Cause Monday is a mess

Today’s strip was not available ahead of time and I won’t be at the computer when it drops because I have tickets to see a band that I’d bet Tom Batiuk appreciates, NRBQ. But I’d be a poor host not to hang out a placeholder post, so fire away and fall back!


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April Come She Will


by | March 31, 2017 · 11:59 pm

Sack-ological Disorder

It’s late, I’m tired, Mason is in fact bi…polar, Cindy cares not a whit. Good for her. Have at it, snarkers.


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Just Another Funky Friday

I wasn’t able to Lewis and Clark today’s strip for ya.


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Saturday, Sept. 20

Today’s strip wasn’t available for preview…


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Just Say (Oh) No

Today’s strip

All day I’ve been wondering what TomBat had in store for us this week and not even for a second did I ever consider the possibility of an Alex arc, much less one that involves (GASP!!!!) drugs. I can’t say that I remember this deviant Anon-O-Goon’s name or if he even has one, but henceforth I will refer to him as George as a sort of tribute to his special “WHAM!” sound efffect. So George saw Alex eating a few pills after lunch and automatically assumed they were recreational drugs, which, in his defense, is a reasonable assumption given where she lives, where she goes to school, who she hangs out with and so on. But in any event, instead of politely inquiring about the possibility of procuring a taste for himself, George angrily threatens Alex, demanding her stash right there and then. The nerve of him! At least offer to trade her one of your cyanide caps (aka Westviewian Prozac), dude.

UPDATE: Is that supposed to be Wedgeman, WHS’ resident bully? I guess it is, my bad. Wasn’t Wedgeman a senior last year, back when he was terrorizing Owen and Cody? Oh well, perhaps that trivia will all be clarified at the funeral after his overdose.


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