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About a Lucky Man Who Made the Grade

Today we fall back to the familiar FW theme of noble and hardworking teachers while students are lazy and stupid and their parents suck too.



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Really, Linda

In the glacially paced Funkiverse, we’ve learned to appreciate anything that passes for actual plot advancement. Linda has decided to retire, and the first one with whom she shares this important news is, naturally, her work husband Les. I’m wondering what Bull’s “maxed out” CTE is going to look like. So far, it’s merely turned him into a passive, mildly dumber version of his already dumb self. He definitely has depression, and his grasp on reality isn’t helped by well-meaning friends who retcon his past failings into Hall of Fame accomplishments.

I just had to share a remixed FW strip that appeared a few years ago at the comics blog Snark It Up, Fuzzball, which depicts a much happier outcome for Bushka Family.


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Decamping Trip

Link to today’s strip

Dear Lord what ARE these imbeciles babbling about? The “power is out at Atomik Komix AGAIN”? So this happens regularly? Looks like buying an entire dilapidated office building for a company that employs four people might not have been the shrewdest idea, especially considering it’s some sort of poorly-wired death trap. “Art” is imitating “life” again in the Funkyverse, as the AK cretins are now basing THEIR ideas on things that happen to pass their field of vision that day, just like Batom does!

That’s all for me, stay tuned for the riotous comedic stylings of none other than SoSF’s very own billytheskink!!


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Here Come Old Flattop

November 7, 2018 at 8:36 pm
You mention Buddy’s mismatched legs, but failed to mention the ridiculous strap that’s chafing him just below his anus. When he’s not shitting on it he’d no doubt be dragging his ass along the ground because of its itchiness. There is no dog vest or harness in the world that fits like that.

I’m giving that comment from Charles a bump, because it’s funny, because we see that awkward strap again in today’s strip, and, well, because there’s really not a whole lot else to comment on. Either Wally gave up driving following that road rage incident back in ’09, or, with both working at Montoni’s, these two can only afford one car.


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Sunday, June 10

We’ll have to wait until midnight EDT to learn if today’s strip is another Dinkle knee slapper (unlikely) or maybe that “Scuba Cop” sideways comic book cover he’s flogging over at the blog. Epicus takes over the reins tomorrow just in time to rescue my sanity!


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Son of Stuck Funky’s 8th Anniversary

Dear snarkers, as we wait for today’s strip to drop, I’d like to point out that Monday marks eight years since we picked up the torch from the original Stuck Funky. After eight years and nearly 3,000 posts, I don’t have a whole lot to say that hasn’t been said before. No giveaway or contest this year (sorry!), just my sincerest thanks to Epicus Doomus and the whole roster of guest authors, and of course to you, the reader, for being part of one of the smartest, funniest, and longest-suffering communities on “the net.”

I thought of quitting, baby, but my heart just ain’t gonna buy it

Prolonged daily reading and commenting on a once beloved, now infuriating, legacy comic strip can take a toll on one’s patience, sanity, and sense of humor. That’s why it became necessary to recruit guest authors to share the pain, taking turns being tied to the mast for a week or two as we sail through a sea of incomprehensible narrative and haphazard draftsmanship towards Funky Winkerbean’s 50th Anniversary.

Until then, thanks again for being along for the ride, and for reading and commenting at SoSF!

Your pal,



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Bang for the Buck

From the FW blog:
Rick [Burchett]…lays-out and pencils the Sunday sequence. When that’s finished, it’s my turn to jump back in and ink it into a Funky Sunday. The lettering is then done on the computer after which it goes off to colorist Rob Ro who proceeds, as he always does, to turn it into a totally beautiful Funky Sunday.

Colorist Rob can even turn a clump of gridiron turf into a flaming mini-volcano! Well done, Rob! So today we get the big payoff in the Buck Bedlow saga. We wondered why Buck showed up out of nowhere and went to such lengths to overturn Bull’s non-touchdown in the Big Game. What Buck was really doing was getting a preview of his own impending decline. But if he got his “CTE diagnosis” (grrrrrrrrrr!) “last month,” why did he show up back in September?

Well it’s been a pleasure stoking the snark fires these first two weeks of the new year. Tomorrow, guest author Charles takes over the reins. Wear a helmet, folks! –TFH


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