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January 1-5
Bull and Buck spend New Year’s Day watching college football on Bull’s basement TV and reminiscing about how lousy the Scapegoats football team was.

January 6-13
The gang at Atomik Komix, in between inexplicable power failures, manage to introduce a new character, the “Scorch”.

January 14-26
Wally and Adeela prepare for graduation. Though Wally has a job at Montoni’s waiting for him, Adeela is unable to get hired because of her foreigner status. At the graduation pizza party, Tony welcomes Wally aboard (even though he was hired in the kitchen nine years ago) and Funky installs him as night manager; Wally in turn announces Adeela will be the pizzeria’s new day manager.

January 27-February 3
Becky and Dinkle attend the Ohio Music Educators Conference in Cleveland.

February 4-17
Bull is notified that he will be inducted into Westview’s Sports Hall of Fame. Linda invites Bull’s erstwhile rival Buck to give the induction speech.

February 18-24
At the high school, Linda shares with fellow teacher Les that she plans on retiring at the end of the school year, as Bull’s condition worsens.

February 25-March 2
Cayla takes Les shopping for new clothes to wear at book signings. Les infuriates Cayla by paying full price for the very first thing he tries on.

March 3-9
Bernie Silver organizes the students to “walk out” of school to protest gun violence on the first anniversary of March for Our Lives.

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