Act IV

January 1-8
Ed Crankshaft watches a college football game with Jeff and Pam; Sunday is Ed and the boys at Dale Evans’.

January 9-15
The school kids’ holiday clothes are dropping so much glitter that the bus drivers must wear sunglasses; they enact a glitter ban that is unpopular with the parents. Sunday, Ed goes bowling and picks up a 7-10 split.

January 16-22
Emily and Amelia, who have reverted to tween-age, show Lillian a rare comic that they found in a box of books. She brings it to Crazy Harry and Dead Skunk Head John at the Komix Korner. John sells the rare book, and splits the proceeds with Lillian.

January 23-29
Crankshaft attempts to de-ice the roof with a flamethower. How do you think this turns out? Sunday, Ed annoys a bank teller.

January 30-February 4
The St. Spires Choir and Harry Dinkle are invited to the Ohio Music Educators Association event.

February 5-11
A winter storm hits the area; local weather reporters drum up hysteria.

February 12-19
At the Centerville Ice Carving Festival, Ed wreaks havoc with his flamethrower.

February 20-25
Mindy and twins Emily and Amelia create a website that will allow Lillian to promote her “book-themed mysteries.”

Sunday, February 26
Dinkle and the St. Spires choir resume holding live rehearsals, although we never saw them “attending services online,” and we saw them perform to a packed church at Christmas.

Sunday, February 26-March 5
Mindy helps Lillian craft her ‘social media’ presence, and recruits her “boyfriend” Pete to write Lillian’s author bio. Pete and Darin deliver a spinner rack to the bookstore.

March 6-12
A week of one-off strips featuring Ed, his family and friends. No Funky Winkerbean characters appear.