Meet the (Act III) Cast

In early autumn 2013, the official site underwent a redesign. In the process, the “Meet the Cast” page was (intentionally?) omitted. It has been preserved here for historical reference.

alex ally ann ann becky betty big bull carrie
cayla chien cindy cory crazy darin donna eddie frankie
fred funky harry holly jessica jim jinx john kahn
keisha kevin les linda maddie matt monroe mooch nate
pete rachel rachel sadie summer susan tony wade wallyjr

2 responses to “Meet the (Act III) Cast

  1. Y. Knott

    Wow. From the perspective of someone who only started reading the strip maybe a year ago — who ARE 90% of these characters? I know Les, Bull, Harry, Funky, a deracinated Cayla, and maybe one or two others…

    Surely it’s not possible the others were dropped because they were LESS interesting than the current cast?

  2. Jack

    Could anyone please tell me if these have been printed in the Complete Funky Winkerbean books? If so, in which volume(s)?

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