Missing FW Cast Members

Part of the fun/frustration of being a Funky follower is trying to figure out if Tom Batiuk is being deep…or careless and lazy. This page, archived from the Funky Winkerbean site shows “model sheets” for each of the characters. Model sheets are used in cartooning to show a character’s range of expression: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model_sheet.

Shown on this page are model sheets for Funky, Les, Crazy Harry…and some “cast members” who appeared briefly (comix geek-goth-gurl Alex) or a long time ago (van-driving date rapist Frankie) and several totally puzzling strangers:

Ally: a Westview teacher?
Carrie, a rather scruffy-looking teen
Eddie, a young Flavor Flav wannabe on wheels
Matt, a contemporary of Darin and Pete, I reckon
Monroe: Eddie’s dad?
Sadie: Cindy’s sister?

Update, April 5, 2013:

In addition to the above hinted-at but never seen characters, members of the Act I and Act II cast have not surfaced since the Second Time Jump of October 2007:

Chien, that rarity: an attractive Batiuk-drawn female
Frankie, rapist of Lisa/father of Darin Reappeared April 2013.
Jessica, who along with Darin got a lot of play in Act II Reappeared April 2011.
Wade, Funky’s AA sponsor, whom I found to be actually likable. It may be just as well that we haven’t seen ol’ Wade, though: TB has aged him in a particularly cruel manner. He’s probably already dead. Resurfaced Christmas Eve 2011.

Also on the site, if you click on the link that looks like an asterisk, you get to view a “bonus” illustration-not drawn by TB-of the cast in sort of a shaded, 3-d look. I guess the young man on the right in the green schmatte is Cory during his gangsta phase…and check out the well-turned gams on Mrs. Bushka!

11 responses to “Missing FW Cast Members

  1. billytheskink

    It seems weird to me that TB didn’t post model sheets for Owen and Cody; despite their once regular appearances and the lack of appearances a number of model-sheeted characters.

  2. Kind of supports the careless/lazy (as opposed to “deep”) characterization of TB. Most of the characters that he did bother to depict in these model sheets are pretty haphazardly drawn (look at the inflatable-love-doll mouth he gave Cory). O & C aren’t featured in the model sheets, nor in the cast portrait on the FW homepage. Methinks they were an updated version of Pete ‘n’ Darin (who were themselves an update on the teenaged Les and Funky tandem), dropped into the proceedings in a failed attempt at restoring humor to the Funkiverse.

  3. Interesting thing with the “bonus” illustration is that Funky, Holly, Bull and Crazy Harry don’t look all worn, old and hagered as they usually do. Nor is Becky’s missing arm being exploited.

  4. regnaD kciN

    I think the figure people are assuming is Cory in that picture is really Wally — in which case, it’s somewhat of a goof, since he didn’t make his “dramatic reappearance” until a couple of years into Act III, although it’s safe to say that his return was being telegraphed practically from the start.

  5. bad wolf

    By the way, in the two TV interviews with Batiuk released around the time of the Gaypromageddon, Batiuk is shown at the drawing table with his model sheets. Those sheets (in the CBS video at least) show Alex, Summer, Becky, and Frankie–at least 2 of whom have not been seen since the reboot (comix geek-goth-gurl Alex and van-driving date rapist Frankie).

  6. Merry Pookster

    We can now add, Kahn, Cindy, Wally jr. And Crazy Harry,s tow young children

  7. Well, Cindy and Khan have been seen. But we haven’t seen Susan in almost three years.

  8. We need to update this missing persons’ list every one in a while.

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