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How Blue Was My Astra

Maybe I’ll update this post later on and maybe not, but in the meantime please enjoy today’s strip without dislocating your neck. BeckoningChasm will be heckling the Starbuck Jones cast and crew from behind the velvet ropes starting Monday. Thanks to BC and to Team SoSF and most especially to you, the readers!

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Same Old Used to Be

Starbuck Jones…was the brainchild of Batom Comic’s first official writer Flash Freeman…Freeman had reached out to Phil Holt, an artist he had worked with from time to time on his various freelance jobs. Part illustrator, part cartoonist, Phil was the perfect artist for the job. His clean exciting style set the tone for the series right out of the gate.

Batom Comics – The Untold History Chapter 3” at the official FW blog

So there’s the backstory, for those of you who understandably can’t be arsed to follow the 11-part (and counting) history of Batiuk’s cloud cuckoo land comics empire. I shall use the rest of my time to share some observations about Rick Burchett’s artwork. Where Batiuk often would eschew busy backgrounds in favor of a crosshatched, encroaching black void, RB likes to cram in lots of detail, and today’s strip is a case in point. The kid sitting for a caricature resembles bratty Angelica from Rugrats, but Phil depicts her, as he probably depicts everyone he draws, as a flying superhero. In the background, a kid inexplicably goes sailing ass-over-teakettle through the air.

As Chyron HR pointed out in the comments yesterday, Phil Holt bears a resemblance to legendary comics artist Jack Kirby, born one hundred years ago this month. According to Batom’s “history,” Phil drew the first SJ comic in 1954; he’d be in his mid-eighties by now, which makes his having to work kids’ parties a little depressing. But in a universe where a nonagenarian actor is feted at Comic Con and a WWII vet still drives a schoolbus, I suppose this is totally plausible.


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Martin Mulls It Over

Greetings, SOSFers! It’s billytheskink here – your favorite lizard-named, Martin Mull-referencing, pointless trivia-posting, guest author.

I was wishing (and hoping, and thinking, and praying) that yesterday’s strip was the coda to this Comic-Con arc. It certainly looked like it could be. Unfortunately, it was a tease, and today’s strip takes us right back to yesterday’s ocean-side confab to discuss… the Starbuck Jones movie premiere. Goody, another week of this. That’s four straight weeks now.

A relative of mine had a baby back in June. That baby will be 8 weeks old at the end of this week. FW strips involving Starbuck Jones will have appeared during 65% of her life. This makes me incredibly sad.


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My Stan Lee Sense Is Tingling

Link to today’s strip

This one is surprisingly not so bad at all, as Batom takes a good-hearted swipe at Stan Lee’s always gratuitous cameos in the various Marvel films. An actual humorous gag in a FW strip is always so jarring, you can’t help but wonder how it got through lack-of-quality control. I haven’t mildly chuckled like this since the old classic Act II arc where Les got his foot stuck in the lawn mower. Good for YOU Tom, like the old song says: one of out three hundred and sixty five ain’t bad. That’s a .003 average, by the way, down slightly from last year’s .0031.

Coming next week: the interminable Stan Lee cameo continues as the comic book legend helps The Gang unload boxes of comic books from the trunk of Crazy’s car. Meanwhile Pete and Boy Lisa toil over the second “sizzle reel” and wonder aloud about what is must have been like to create sizzle reels back in the 1950s. In Sunday’s strip Stan Lee agrees to appear in the new sizzle reel that will be debuting at Westview-Con later this year, thus completing the comic book circle of life.


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The Tank Is Empty

Link to today’s strip

contentMan, I REALLY hate having to turn my entire computer sideways to read these stupid Sunday “homage” strips. Today we learn that Cliff (who’s in a modern movie RIGHT NOW) feels a little out of step with these newfangled picture shows, which is probably to be expected given that he just emerged from a sixty year hibernation. “You mean people watch movies in their HOUSES now? I…I…I…can’t BELIEVE it! Where does the projector go?”.

“Tank Thompson”??? What THIS has to do with anything is anyone’s guess. I’ll never understand why the Batom Comics covers are never relevant to the (ahem) “stories” they follow, but then again it’s be pretty stupid of me to expect logic to come into play at this point.


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Gorilla Marketing

Hi all! SosfDavidO here with a pain in my neck from trying to read today’s strip sideways.

Hey, hey, it’s a monkey! A gorilla to be more accurate, drawn by a man who ape-parently only has a basic understanding of what a gorilla looks like.

It’s true, though, gorilla covers on comics sold a lot of issues back in the day. TomBat isn’t the first to notice the phenomenon of course, but I have to wonder, Tom, if you’re going to do a throw-back gorilla cover, why not the simian golden age equivalent of Freebird by revamping the infamous Jimmy Olson marries a gorilla” cover?


This is what Gramps was reading, kids.



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Dog Gone Dumb

SosfDavidO here again, plodding through the week because the noose I tied to my shower head slipped off, forcing me to continue with this awful arc.

Ok, at least there’s dialog in today’s stripsomething I can work with. It’s not like we’re watching Funky’s fat bulk heft up a hill for a week.

It looks like alternative-verse Pete and Darrin have been tasked with creating a super pet, which was all the rage in the 40s. Spongedog seems as useless and impractical of a super pet as one could get, though. Not to ask the obvious, but what if it rains!?


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