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Gang Initiation

The PharmaCees set to run out the Sundowners.
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Slylock Funky

Thought I’d give you guys a little bonus treat between John posts.

When I got The Complete Funky Winkerbean Volume 8, I took the time to read the lengthy introduction by Batiuk. Most of these have been reprinted in the form of the ‘Match to Flame’ blog posts over at Tom’s site. Included in the introductions were these cute little Christmas cards.

Last but not least, sometime after moving Crankshaft to Universal Press Syndicate we started sending out Christmas cards to all of the Crankshaft and Funky Winkerbean features editors at our client papers. I thought you might like to see what only editors have seen before, so we’re including the cards for the years included in this volume—I think. I never put any dates on the cards, thinking that they would come in handy if they were ever included in a collection such as this (again, who does that?). I’ve tried to order them to the best of my recollection, and, unless you’re a newspaper editor who got one, you’ll never know anyway.

Introduction to The Complete Funky Winkerbean Volume 8.

But I saw something in those cards that just had me hysterically laughing. I cannot believe this is printed in The Complete Funky Winkerbean volumes, the books that are supposed to be the background, true, inside scoop on all things Funkyverse.

So…a fun group activity!

What is wrong with this picture?

(I swear on my 25th Anniversarry Funky Winkerbean T-Shirt. I have not altered these in any way. Check here if you don’t believe me.)

How about this one?

Unless you’re a newspaper editor…you’ll never know anyway.


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Short and Sweet and Stupid

I can see why you would feel that way BC, when Robert the Cat is a car sized monstrosity.

Herding Cat.
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Chugging Along

Short update!

Thanks everyone for the feedback on the Frankie retrospective. I saw a couple great suggestions for future topics, such as Lisa, Lisa’s Story, Darin, Wally or Kevin Brown. Those are all topics I’ve considered and certainly intend to do provided the interest is still there. Especially now that I know beloved commenters want to see it.

But back before I knew that Frankie was going to be an epic saga of infinite length, I had pulled research for a handful of other things I thought about covering during the Funky Awards voting. These are the topics about which I’ve already started to form ideas, make connections, draw conclusions.

So lets do this like a choose your own adventure novel!

Vote Here for Next Destination.

In other news. My mother has finally nagged my dad into a guilt trip down to see the grandkids, leaving poor widdle Comic Book Harriet in charge of the care of 350 head of hungry cattle for the weekend. So next deep dive WILL NOT be starting on Sunday night/Monday. Instead expect something short, sweet, and stupid. And maybe cows. Or hilarious selfies of tiny people driving huge tractors.

Love to All! Thanks for keeping it Funky and Cranky in the comments!


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Say You Will

Whelp. That’s it. The 2022 Funky Awards have all been given out. The final year of Funky Winkerbean has been analyzed, measured, judged, rated, and completely broken apart to be reassembled.

The post mortem is over.

Surprise! It was cancer.
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