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Cranking It Up!

CBH at the helm for this one. And FIRST OF ALL.

We’ve reached the maximum busy season for farm work here in CBHville. Where we are trying to simultaneously finish planting beans, chop rye hay, spray weeds, apply fertilizer, care for cows, AND (most daunting of all) clean my parent’s basement for my sister’s family to arrive for Memorial Day.

I was feeling overwhelmed.

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Book It!

Took me forever to realize that these lumpy headed monsters were supposed to be buckeyes. Makes Ayer’s 2021book festival art look like a a masterpiece.

As Y. Knott, Duck of Death, and our other Crankshaft correspondents have informed us, Lillian is currently at the Ohioana Book Festival, which is going on for realsies this weekend. I briefly had considered going, (seriously,) just for a wacky vacation road trip with a wacky destination. I’ve already forced my housemate, partner-in-crime, and heterosexual life partner, to promise that someday we’ll do a fun Funky tour. But we couldn’t go this year due to the very following crucial factors:

1.) Cows.

Still, probably would have been a low-key fun time. Especially since I’m pretty easy to please.

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Hoppy Easter!

This is more brief announcement than a post. The next installment of the Animal Headed John series will go up tomorrow night, as today I was busy hiding old Valentine’s Day candy in little plastic eggs in my house for my housemate to find, and greedily drinking in all the cookie baking compliments I could wring from my family members. We’re talking Les Moore levels of smug every time someone bit into one of these bunny shaped bad boys.

For those of you reading who celebrate the season, I pray your day was joyful. For those of you who don’t I hope you still had an awesome day, too.

All of us, no matter our beliefs, can together enjoy the mad rush of Half-Price Mini Eggs day tomorrow.

Crankshaft celebrates Easter like a California Millennial with a Catholic grandma across the country. About once every 10 years, just for the cameras, to make the old lady shut up. This year was an off year for him. So enjoy these reprints of prior celebrations.

I feel like this is a decent set up lacking a good punchline. Something like, ‘Too much candy is bad for him.’ ‘What about you?’ ‘The sacrifices we make for children…’
Classic Crankshaft as it should be. Part of me thinks the final panel should be silent, but other than that, a solid strip.
(Oh, do NOT remind Tom that Jeff is part Ukrainian. I do not need him to use another war as a soapbox.)


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Mopping Up

Heya folks! CBH here again. I know Epicus just posted yesterday and hyped me up as indefatigable, but we’ve had a couple calving issues this week. (For which I blame Sorial!) Crappy weather, two successful assisted births, an ill calf we lost, and a full necropsy on a 500 lb feeder calf that passed. None of it too out of the ordinary for a herd this size, but it did eat up time today I was planning on polishing off a big ol’ Johnny Howard post.

Luckily for me Beckoning Chasm was working overtime and hunted up this mind-blowing Super Special Crossover Issue of TIMEMOP for all of you to marvel at.

Long live the photoshop master! Praise him with great praise!

(Note: If this amazing cover does not get sufficient praise, I will ragequit this blog.)

Hope to have the next deep dive post out in a couple of days.

(P.S. I don’t really blame Sorial. But I was thinking of him when dad and I were loading up the calf-jack a few days ago.)

(P.P.S. Sorry for all the parenthetical asides BJ6K, I know it’s an annoying crutch of Batiuk’s but I couldn’t stop myself today.)

(P.P.S.S. I love all you peeps, serious.)


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Short and Sweet and Stupid

I can see why you would feel that way BC, when Robert the Cat is a car sized monstrosity.

Herding Cat.
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