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Catalyst for Transformation

What a treat! In Crankshaft, DSH John is gracing us with his presence, leaning on his Komix Kounter and dispensing pulpy wisdom.

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A Nauseating Development

Beckoning, those 75 cents you paid for this rare issue were definitely worth it. What a steal for a game changing, keystone installment like this!

And I don’t blame poor Batton for losing his lunch. Today is full of a lot of stomach churning imagery.

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It Ain’t Easy Being Green.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day all you beautiful Beady-Eyed Nitpickers!

I hope you celebrated in the traditional way, by escaping from Irish pirates and snake genocide.

The festive mood jiggled my memory, and I recalled that we’d skipped an important date in our SOSF liturgical calendar. I hope late is better than never.

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Mopping Up

Heya folks! CBH here again. I know Epicus just posted yesterday and hyped me up as indefatigable, but we’ve had a couple calving issues this week. (For which I blame Sorial!) Crappy weather, two successful assisted births, an ill calf we lost, and a full necropsy on a 500 lb feeder calf that passed. None of it too out of the ordinary for a herd this size, but it did eat up time today I was planning on polishing off a big ol’ Johnny Howard post.

Luckily for me Beckoning Chasm was working overtime and hunted up this mind-blowing Super Special Crossover Issue of TIMEMOP for all of you to marvel at.

Long live the photoshop master! Praise him with great praise!

(Note: If this amazing cover does not get sufficient praise, I will ragequit this blog.)

Hope to have the next deep dive post out in a couple of days.

(P.S. I don’t really blame Sorial. But I was thinking of him when dad and I were loading up the calf-jack a few days ago.)

(P.P.S. Sorry for all the parenthetical asides BJ6K, I know it’s an annoying crutch of Batiuk’s but I couldn’t stop myself today.)

(P.P.S.S. I love all you peeps, serious.)


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Gang Initiation

The PharmaCees set to run out the Sundowners.
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