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January 1-6
Funky attends an AA meeting, where he vents about the state of the world.

January 7-14
Buck Bedlow visits the Bushkas with a present for Bull: a mock reprint of a sports page reporting a Scapegoats victory in Bull’s final homecoming game over Big Walnut Tech, and the two former jocks head over to the Westview High football field to dig up a clump of turf from the end zone. Before he leaves, Buck reveals to Linda that he has been “diagnosed” with CTE as well.

January 15-20
Les throws a huge hissy fit over restrictions on using the school copier. The Westview Bleat “reporters” barge into the office trying to turn this into an exposé.

January 22-28
High school jokes about cafeteria food and bullying. A Sunday apperance by The Lord of (the) Late.

January 29-February 4
Buck and Bull commiserate over their brain traumas. Bull schleps his VHS tapes of his high school football games to Crazy Harry to convert them to DVD.

February 5-11
Dinkle writes his “Life and Times of Claude Barlow”, Vol. 7.

February 12-April 8
Wealthy comics collector Chester “The Chiseler” Hagglemore shows up at the Komix Korner, asking John for Pete’s contact information. Darin and Jess are planning a trip from California back to Westview to visit the Fairgoods, and invite Pete to come along. Ann and Fred enjoy a rare visit with their grandchild. John tells Pete the story of how Chester amassed his fortune: working in a drugstore as a kid, Chester hoarded unsold Golden Age comics, which he later sold for an incredibly huge sum. Darin and Pete arrive at Chester’s mansion, where he shows them his collection of Batom Comics and memroabilia, before pitching his idea of reviving “the spirit of Batom” by launching “Atomic Comics” with help from the two. Afterwards, over pizza, Darin and Pete ponder returning to Ohio to work for the Chiseler. Later, Pete brings flowers to Mindy, and the two take in a movie at the Valentine. Over more pizza, Pete discusses with Mindy his plan to return to Ohio to work for Chester.

April 9-May 6
Darin and Pete return to Hollywood to give notice at the studio. Their director and producer are so delighted to see them go that they gift them with “Holtron”, the bulky old mainframe computer. After stopping by the Hollywood sign, the boys reunite with Chester at the old building that once housed Batom Comics. Chester has purchased the building to house their new venture, rechristened “Atomik Komix” to avoid trademark issues. He also trots out “Flash Freeman”, Batom’s original head writer, much to Pete and Darin’s awe. The boys waste no time making themselves at home: movers arrive with Holtron and Pete’s “Cosmic Treadmill” replica. While on his treadmill, Pete receives inspiration for Atomik’s first character: the Incredible Pulp, a sentient pile of soggy comic books.

May 7-13
Les’ book tour continues; Pete and Mindy at Montoni’s on Sunday.

May 14-20
Holly and Funky struggle to compose a text message to their son inquiring about his wedding plans; Sunday, Funky visits his Dad at Bedside Manor.

May 21-27
Becky delivers a string of dumb jokes at the Band Banquet.

May 28-29
Les and Funky play tennis and Funky bitches about getting old.

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