Act II "Flash" -back

Believe it or not, running SoSF entails a fair amount of research. And in the course of my Googling, I uncovered an earlier version of the Flash-animated cast “group shots” that grace the homepage at the official Funky Winkerbean site! Below are screenshots of the respective frames, with my commentary. You may click on either image to view the Flash animation and cast “bio’s”.

The Westview H.S. crew, pre-2007
Students, faculty and staff gather around the school sign that features the iconic “Satanic Snoopy” Scapegoat mascot. Most of those pictured are recognizable to regular FW readers:

Bull, before his ankles became invisible, and wife Linda. Les still sports his helmet-hair. The caption when you “mouse over” (then vice-principal) Nate identifies him as a “former Vietnam vet” (?). Forgotten “Miss Mancuso” is looking daggers at Linda for some reason, and security guard Cliff seems to already be daydreaming of retirement.

Pre-time-jump Jim had not yet turned into Mark Twain, though Fred Fairgood looks more or less the same. Ann Fairgood’s bio makes no mention of her stint as girls’ basketball coach. Hanging over the top of the school sign is third-string character Mooch, sort of the Shemp to Darin and Pete’s Moe and Larry. Betty was the old Cayla. Harry Dinkle needs no introduction, and Becky’s mom Roberta looks miserable, of course. Speaking of Becky, with her pinned-up sleeve actually obscured for once, she’s pictured with her then-family, a happier Wally and a cuter Rana.

We have Pete, before he became “successful” but already looking old and weary, next to sweethearts and future freeloaders Jessica and Darin. Which brings us to… Chien…ah, sexy, mysterious Chien. We still wait for her reapperance in Act III. Next to her is…Bulk? Oh yeah, the token Amish character.

Montoni’s Mob
A pre-dead-skunk-head John towers over little Kevin; Crazy Harry’s coffee-swilling ass had already imprinted to that stool at the counter. Donna has since turned into one of FW’s interchangeable dumpy middle-aged blondes.

Behind John is Jim Matteer, whose murals inside the pizza shop took longer to complete than did the Sistene Chapel. Rarely-seen “head chef” Mastriani stands next to Wade, who briefly resurfaced at Christmas 2011.

Funky, when he was still a lovable drunkard, stands next to Holly (see “Donna”, above).  Lisa (R.I.P.) stands beside Les (the only character featured in both group portraits); in front of them are little Cory and Summer. Khan grins maniacally alongside what was at the time a much smaller Montoni’s staff,  comprised of Becky Rachel and the M.I.A. Sadie and Mindy.

In the foreground, Tony is interviewed by big-time newswoman Cindy.

4 responses to “Act II "Flash" -back

  1. billytheskink

    Isn’t that Mooch on top of the high school sign in the first picture?

  2. TFHackett

    Yep! I overlooked him because I wrote the descriptions while looking at the picture from left to right…will update (and also will fix the links to the original Flash animation on the official FW site). Thanks!

  3. Isn’t the Montoni’s staff pictured in the second picture Sadie, Mindy and Rachel? Not Becky, I mean.

    TFH sez: Thanks; it’s been updated!

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