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A Kiss Before Sighing

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Blech. Is it just me or does Marianne change a little bit every single day? If Harry waited on line for a week to see Marianne, doesn’t that mean the room is packed with lots of other fans who likewise waited in line? What about THEIR feelings, huh? Does Harry’s wife ( I think her name is The Donnanator or something) know her husband blew off work for a week to meet a nineteen year old girl? And now that I think about it, his wife was also somewhat “boyish” back when he first met her…perhaps it’s just his “type”. Doesn’t make it funny, though.


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Flirty Marianne & Lazy Harry

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Well, yesterday’s somewhat pleasant strip was, of course, just an anomaly. Crazy Harry waited on line for a week to meet a boyish nineteen year old girl? What’s up with John’s brutally fractured syntax? Why doesn’t he just wake Harry up, was it really necessary to humiliate him that way? I mean if Harry is the guy who waited on line for a week to meet Marianne, John is the guy who waited with the guy who waited on line, which isn’t “better” at all.

Then again, if Comic-Con is even half as dull as FW makes it out to be I’d probably be sleeping through it too. This Q&A session is more like a Q&(zzzzz) session, amirite? Look at the crowd, laughing in delight as the creepy old weirdo misses out on what very well might have been the last true “highlight” of his otherwise wretched life because his “friend” doesn’t have brains enough to elbow-nudge the guy or something. What a pal.


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Groot Expectations

SoSfDavidO here! And here’s an early link to today’s strip, as I’m heading out to a re-enactment of William Henry Harrison’s inauguration speech this weekend and won’t be back until Monday morning.


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Wood You Leaf Me Alone

Well well, look who is slumming it with the rest of the non-Hollywood crowd in today’s strip, none other than Crazy Harry and Dead Skunkhead! I wasn’t sure they’d make it, but I guess they scraped up enough cash and thankfully for Jon I guess there’s no schools or daycares within 1000 ft of the convention.

Panel 2’s background is a mite cluttered but it looks like Crazy Harry is about to lose his sandwich to a guy in Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay. Because hey, the first movie came out a year ago so why not! Skunky’s face in panel two, meanwhile, is sliding so much he looks like he’s morphing into a human skateboard.


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Sunday Unfunnies

SosfdavidO here! There’s no preview for Sunday’s strip and I’m going to be at a guinea pig rescue charity event until the ass-crack of dawn so I’ll go ahead and post a placeholder now!


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There You Go Again

Leaving meaningless oil paintings behind in the dilapidated shacks that they deserve to be housed in, today’s strip brings us back to art’s purest and most meaningful form and in its most hallowed of temples…

Well no wonder DSH couldn’t cover his rent back in 2010, he hates the actual function of his business. That 2010 story seems especially relevant to this one, as Funky covered DSH’s rent (and some of his own expenses) by doing exactly what DSH had apparently been failing to do, sell comic books. Now we know that he can hardly bear to part with the things that his business is supposed to part with.

I do not recall this “McKenzie Collection” but I assume it has something to do with Crankshaft’s elderly neighbor. I’d try to track down more info but I’m researched out right now, sorry.

Thanks for sticking with us through the last month, which included a couple of the most asinine and one of the funkiest strangest weeks in recent Funky memory. Sosf David O will be your driver starting next week, and should do a better job steering around the potholes than I did… and there WILL be p(l)otholes.


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Profiles In Nerdage

I am obligated to link to today’s strip, but I cannot in good conscience recommend reading it.

Did we really spend three days watching Lefty screw with DSH just so she could ultimately call Comic-Con “nerd prom” and smirk? Three days, nine panels, four sleeve pins, and dozens of bricks… all for “nerd prom” and a smirk.

DSH and Crazy were not nearly this excited about going to Comic-Con back when they went in 2014. In fact they invited Holly to come along on a whim and acted as if they went quite often, if not every year. So what’s with this panel 3 scene?

I dare say that TB has ruined the Electric Company for me…
Cr... Ap... Crap!


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