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Attired Story Arc

Adeela sums up this story arc quite nicely and concisely in today’s strip. No, this isn’t working. It’s obnoxiously pandering, laughably researched, blandly written, and glacially paced. Oh man is the pacing slothful. These two are just NOW admitting what we’ve known since last Wednesday. That might be fine if they had done something, ANYTHING, in the meantime… but they haven’t.

Cameo alert! Is that the backside of the original Stuck Funky banner Anon-O-Student in panel 2? Experts say “Sure, why not? We don’t really care.”


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S’matterday, October 20

Today’s strip was not available for preview.

So anyways, here is post-second captivity Wally shaking the hand of the Afghan-native who held him captive the first time and who sold the Taliban the missile that shot down the helicopter he was flying in prior to that first time being captured.


Have a nice Saturday, everyone!


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Nice as that introduction is, Epicus, I don’t know if my return is triumphant. Even so, billytheskink is here for a couple of weeks of wading through the marsh that is TB’s latest “substantial idea”.

Last week’s slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow build up continues in today’s strip. I guess this is supposed to build suspense while we wait for Wally to become uncomfortable enough around Adeela to win an award or at least generate a Tuesday Arts & Entertainment section quarter-page story about how Funky Winkerbean is more serious than Sherman’s Lagoon.

But there is no suspense in this strip. There is only Dilbert’s brother, the Human Bowling Pin:


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Channeling Bull’s Inner Batom

Link To Today’s Strip

A “TV reporter”? Really Bull? He’s getting a little carried away here, given his career 10-350 career record and all. But then again, the guy IS married to Linda, so I suppose he’s entitled to a little joy wherever he can find it. That guy looks a lot like the lawyer character on “The Simpsons”, so my best guess is that Bull’s about to be served. I actually kind of like anon-o-guy’s reaction, though, as I imagine that’s how every “outsider” reacts upon getting a dose of that famous Westviewian wordplay. I’m kind of surprised that more Westviewians aren’t sporting black eyes and/or broken jaws.

I also like how Bull looks totally different in each panel. Those eyebrows in panel two are just screaming for a do-over, as he looks like a Halloween jack-o-lantern on November 10th. At least he’s too fat for a real hatchet face, as evidenced in panel three. I’ve never considered Bull to be as objectionable as most FW characters, but if this gloating continues I may need to reconsider that.

And does anything summarize the Cayla Experience more than panel two does? Look at her there, all tucked into the corner, totally marginalized yet again. At least she has dialog today, bland as it is.


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