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And Ennui Go…

Today’s strip has words, which is interesting until you read them.

Grandpa Google tells me that Funky’s thoughts today are not quoted from someone notable (shocker!), or from a dollar store rip-off of the Book of Lamentations, but I’m pretty sure I read them on someone’s LiveJournal page 15 years ago. It was probably TB’s page.

I guess/hope Funky has satisfied his curiosity about this ramshackle house. I know mine was satisfied before I’d finished reading the third panel on Monday.



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The Annoy Of Painting

In today’s strip, Funky finds a still life. Something seems strangely familiar about it…


Maybe I’m confusing Funky with Donna. Oh well, I’ve got no better ideas for what that is supposed to be on the horizon and pretty much nothing else I can say about this strip.


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Just Trespassing Through

After verifying with the city that the old house on the hill is structurally sound, Funky makes his way inside in today’s strip. One can only imagine what he is thinking. “When was my last tetanus shot?” is my guess.

A comic strip title character wandering alone through an abandoned house… am I reading Funky Winkerbean or that one week of Garfield in 1989 that Jim Davis assuredly wrote after watching a Twilight Zone marathon and telling himself “I could do that!” This set a dangerous precedent for comic strip artists, one that TB himself would employ after catching Love Story on cable back in the mid-90s.


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Slylock Funk and Comics for No One

Find six differences between the panels in today’s strip.



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The Man Who Slanted Trees

Go see today’s strip
Unless you do not want to
You won’t miss a thing

Day two of this arc
Funky is so out of shape
This is in real time

Be careful Funky
That hillside is full of stones
That can trip you up

Darin trespasses
And finds himself getting shot
Same fate for Funky?

Funky’s four-door car
Back down to two doors just like
All Batiukmobiles

If this turns into
A big rip-off of The Shack
We have still seen worse


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Cuyahoga Nights

Well, now that all that is thankfully over, today’s strip shifts gears (booooooooo!) to Funky, who is testing out his recently-renewed driver’s license while listening to Lesley Gore.

And that’s it.  That’s all there is to it…
TB actually spoiled this week’s story (such as it is) on his blog a few weeks back. In fact, if you haven’t read that blog post, this strip has no context at all. It might even have negative amounts of context.

This does actually remind me of something I enjoy, though- The scene in Hoosiers when Coach Dale drives up to visit Shooter Flatch’s shabby house on a wooded hill. If tomorrow’s strip shows Dennis Hopper firing a shotgun over Funky’s head, that would redeem a few things.


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And Boy, Are Her Arms Tired


Link To Today’s Alleged “Comic” Strip

And I had no idea that everyone was actually on the second floor of this building…go figure. So where are the bricks? Or is that some sort of earthquake risk Out West? It’s so strange to see such a blank wall in this strip, isn’t it?

Boy Lisa’s big black chin dimple and epically Winkerbeanian schnozz-ola and Jessica’s Fingerpoke Of Doom and reckless 80’s rocker hair aside, there isn’t a whole lot going on in this piece of crap. TheWriterGuy always tries for the whole cute bubbly adorable thing with Jessica but he always goes too far and makes her seem ditzy, annoying and idiotic instead. He needs to wry the character up by like 40% or so, she’s way too chipper and upbeat. Why, if it wasn’t for her father being murdered she’d barely have any pathos in her life at all.

And I’ve always assumed that she must have some sort of blandness fetish or something, as she likes Boy Lisa way, way too much to be believable. You know what they say, different strokes and all. If she indeed does go for bland guys then it all makes much more sense, as she really hit the jackpot with Darin, The Least Interesting Man In The World. Drying paint gets bored watching him. He’s so boring you could use him to dig tunnels. And dull, boy is he ever dull. Like kindergarten scissors dull. And that’s pretty dull.

Speaking of that nose…LOL. Look, I’m no artist and I don’t regularly mock the artwork but come on, that’s just absurd. Is it really that difficult to draw different noses? It this some sort of labor-saving trick or something?


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