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Graphic Drivel

I know what you’re thinking, “How can today’s strip be any worse than this past week?”

Well, newsflash!


Les. The most dreaded name in the newspaper. The name that even alone evokes the most dire of thoughts. “Les” is the sound that a rattlesnake makes before it dies in a brush fire. It’s the Florida State Police code word for a sinkhole. It was the name of Francisco Franco’s pet canary. It is far and away the worst part of the title of Les Miserables.

I don’t know what possessed this poor poor child to wander near Les’ table, but I do know that if he winds up reading Lisa’s Story he is not going put it down disappointed that only one person dies. No, he’s just going to think that the wrong person dies. And he would, of course, be right.



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Just Take A Knee Already

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Is Principal Nate supposed to be “slow” or something? I mean Bull JUST EXPLAINED THE BASIS OF THE COMPLAINT, did he not? I mean having a seldom-seen character adding nothing to a story is an old FW standby and all but this is insane. Perhaps having Nate’s question appear in panel one would have been somewhat more sensible but then we might have missed out on that boffo punchline, which would have been a real tragedy, as I hate seeing such hilarity ending up on the (guffaw) cutting room floor.

Coming tomorrow: the characters talk about the premise some more, but you already knew that, didn’t you?


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