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Memories… Summer good, Summer not

It’s back to the WABAC machine in today’s strip. No, I’m not talking about the flashback to “five years ago…”, I’m talking about Bull’s funeral, which has itself moved two-and-a-half years backward in time in order to accommodate a five years ago flashback featuring players Bull last coached in the spring of 2012. Well, at least we are getting something that is actually about Bull in this one… that’s so damning with faint praise that it could keep an ocean at bay. (“Billy was a special blogger”, they said at his funeral.)

Also, I tagged both Keisha and Linda in this, because I’m not sure which one of them is standing next to Summer in panel 3.


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Today’s strip is the worst thing we’ve seen in this story arc yet. It is everything wrong with every strip so far in this story arc scaled up into a Sunday strip: it is boring, nothing has really been accomplished (we all saw “talk to the professor” coming last Wednesday), Buddy doesn’t do anything, we learn nothing about either Wally or Adeela, we still don’t know what class this group project is even for. I guess it is missing a photo album corner flashback, but that is pretty much it.

Not only that, it is riddled with errors:
– There is no “mistake”. Professor Forehead never assigned partners, he just told students to pair up themselves. He is not going to be able to assign these two new partners without breaking groups up, and if he is like most of my college professors, he is not going to care much about this melodrama.
– This is not the first time these two have agreed. They agreed that they didn’t like each other’s clothes not three strips ago.
– These two also don’t have any significant history of disagreement beyond their apparent clothing-based assumptions about each other. They’ve known each other for maybe 2 hours. The debate about what table to sit at is quite literally the only disagreement we’ve seen between them.

And with that, I’m relieved to be handing this nutria dropping of a story arc off to our esteemed captain TFHackett.


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Phew-Litzer Worthy

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Oh brother. “The Noble Piece Of Chocolate Prize”…ladies and gentlemen, quite possibly the worst FW joke of 2017…so far. “Peace”…”piece”…just abysmal, one of those FW gags that would elicit eye-rolls from a classroom full of dull-witted third graders. And it’s lazy too. “Piece of chocolate prize”, I mean gak, that’s just terrible.

While I’m (sigh) well aware of band candy’s place in FW lore, part of what was supposed to be “zany” about the band fundraising arcs was the way they were always selling stuff other than band candy, like turkeys and band director autobiographies. I don’t remember any arcs about the massive amounts of cheap Belgian chocolate Harry was importing but apparently it was a huge part of his whole goofy persona all along. Maybe I should (chortle) start paying better attention here.

There is of course the strong possibility that this entire premise was built around creating an opportunity to do this joke. This whole chocolate thing did sort of come completely out of nowhere, although that doesn’t especially mean anything either. It’s also interesting to note that for the second week in a row he’s spoofing awards, which again might mean something or might mean nothing whatsoever. It’s just weird is all, which would be a terrific title for the complete FW Act III anthology collection.


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