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Sneeze The Day

It looks like Seattle PI is having some issues at the moment so today’s strip isn’t quite ready for preview! My money, though, is that the sneezing subplot is still in full-force today.


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Wednesday, June 28

It looks like Seattle PI is having some issues at the moment so today’s strip)isn’t quite ready for preview! Rest assured it’s got a lot of sneezing. More and more sneezing.


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You Sneeze You Lose

SosfDavidO here and awww c’mon, still with the sneezing thing? If this were any other comic it’d be semi-mirth provoking but now today’s strip has even the most optimistic of faithful Funky Fans wondering if Mason has a brain tumor or something. In any case, gear up for more sneezing, followed by either an attempt at hilarity or a trip to an MRI machine.


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Blessing in Dis Guy

What’s up fellow funky fans! SoSfDavidO here with today’s strip , which only time will tell is a one-off dumb gag or the start of something much more serious for Hollywood’s hottest leading man!

I must say, the new artist is going to take some getting used to. Gone are the days of the severest of hatchet-faces. Mason actually looks somewhat like he could be a leading man in the first panel instead of a human tomahawk. Could it be? Now I miss Tombat’s old, classic style!


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Black and What?!

SonofSFDavidO here and… aw, shit, this again!? Today’s strip kicks off yet another Batom Comic’s storied history/imagined timeline/dunno what I’m the hell I’m even looking at arc.

Aside from realizing we’re in for the literary equivalent of a week-long root canal, I’m scratching my head over what Pete’s goddamn complaint is. They’re putting “more things” into the new movie? Boo hoo! Unless it’s going to be an Andy Warholesque film that shows StarBucks Jones sleeping for 8 straight hours then yeah, scripts change. I know this complaint is just to shoehorn in a sepia mess but still, complaining about doing the job you’re getting paid for is pretty lame, Mr. Hollywood.


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Blonde Ambition

What could cap this story arc any better than today’s strip?

It was never about Marianne, cyberbullying, suicide, or Hollywood vanity… it was always about Mason’s sainthood, as it were. Cindy’s rampant insecurity (on display again today, if winked at) serves to highlight Mason’s good nature for sticking with her. Marianne’s freak out happened largely to provide contrast to Mason’s unfazed reaction to internet criticism. Mr. Director’s and the police’s failure to locate Marianne? What do you think…

Yes, what better way to top off a whole two weeks devoted to building up Saint Mason than with Saint Mason taking Cindy out for a snazzy Southern California Christmas experience? He’s pretty great, huh?

On a brighter note, I would like to sincerely wish all of our commenters and readers (you too TB) a Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season.


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Winters Blunderland

Please don’t spend too much of your valuable Christmas Eve time reading today’s strip. Please.

That Mason fella sure is great, huh? Marianne and Cindy sure think so. In fact, Cindy finds it hard to believe that Mason even exists. I’m with her on this point, as Mason appears today to be some sort of mythical human-unicorn chimera.

But what about Mr. Director? You know, the guy who first noticed the DMZ story and the potential trouble it could cause… The guy who made sure a corrected story was sent out to the media within hours… The guy who was concerned about Marianne to the point that he tried to call and text message her while Mason and Cindy groused about the internet’s big meanies… The guy convinced the police to put out an APB for a woman that had been out of contact for less than half a day… What about him?

Eh… That Mason fella sure is great, huh?


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