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Dreck on the beach

I hope against all hope that today’s strip marks the end of this chapter of Les Goes To Hollywood And Gets All Pissy- Part II, particularly for the sake of our own spacemanspiff, who has to write up the next two weeks of strips. Trying to come up with words to describe this horror is not a task I would wish on my worst enemy… or even Tom Batiuk.

On the emptiest beach in California, Masone engages in some criminal activity that doubles as the dumbest cult ritual this side of the Lisa’s Legacy Run. Not one aspect of this stupid movie project has moved forward since October despite the fact that four weeks worth of strips have been expended covering the inactivity.

Not even the prospect of s’mores improves things, which is terribly sad.


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What the Starbuck?!

If today’s strip is any indication, comic books make your nose grow.

Also, this angry fellow who may be Stinky Peterson or perhaps Flash’s long-lost grandson apparently hasn’t read TB’s blog series Batom Comics – The Untold History, which affirms Flash Freeman as the creator of Starbuck Jones in name and concept. Not that I blame him, of course, I didn’t even read it…


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Take me home, Rocky Rhodes

Both Cory and Rocky seem to have gained the ability to reshape their noses in today’s strip, presumably as a part of their 5 second “acclimation” to returning to the United States from deployment.

If only our real servicemen and women could acclimate so easily upon returning home. If only.


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You Lose Some, You Lose Some

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Good LORD what the HELL is going on with Coach Hunter’s schnozz? It’s like his face grew a handle or something. He could be “Crankshaft’s” stunt double. Otherwise, yawn. I guess this beats another year of having Bull standing around the practice field cracking wry with Les about how much the Scapegoats suck, but still, this is as tedious as it gets. In the last few weeks he’s done two “bullying” arcs. In the first one, no one actually gets bullied at all and in this one the bullying victims don’t even mind. Real cutting edge stuff there, Tom. During his next puff interview in the Akron Sunday paper he’ll be crowing about “addressing” the “issue” of “bullying” and oh, how we’ll laugh and laugh. Somehow he’s managed to do a “bullying” arc that features no bullying at all AND a football team arc that features no football and gags about how much WHS sucks even though they don’t anymore. Kind of remarkable, really.


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