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Say “Ensemble” One More Gosh Darn Time

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Mort’s BAND, Mort’s GROUP…does it always have to be an ensemble? Every week he picks a new word or phrase and just beats you over the head with it all week. Mattress, trilogy, signing and now ensemble. Oh yeah, “my mom” too.

As usual BatWhat creates a decent enough premise with reasonable comedic potential, then inexplicably steers it straight into the ground nose down, full speed ahead. Suddenly Holly is telling ancient old Dinkle marching band war stories for some reason, my guess being “intense author malaise” or “devoid of ideas” but who knows, maybe he seriously believes that someone, somewhere might find this entertaining on some level. He apparently just can’t do a Dinkle story without slipping into this weird euphoric reverie over the “good ‘ol days”, the very same good ol’ days he made a conscious artistic decision to move away from “back in the day”. What a nut.

LOL seriously though, back to the strip. It certainly looks like Holly’s well on her way to a one-way ticket to Bedside Manor herself, as apparently she’s forgotten that Funky attended the same high school she did. In fact the entire strip is named after him. And I’m sure he heard all about the big Rose Bowl parade appearance, both at the time and ten thousands times since. But I guess it was just easier and faster to pretend that Funky needs some background on this Dinkle fella than to write a plausible conversation a normal person might have. And that’s really what it’s all about, is it not?

All in all this one is so mind-warpingly stupid it can’t help but make me wonder what he was being distracted by when he half-assed his way through the last few word balloons of 2017. Something on television? Staring out the window at the ceaseless winter snowfall? Pizza? Lisa? Whatever it was, he obviously put less than nothing into this drivel.


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Bore Ensemble

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Uh yes Funky, this was adequately covered in yesterday’s strip, but THANKS for re-establishing that for us. We wouldn’t want to forget a key plot point like that. So not only do they not know that Mort & company traveled to Memphis, they don’t even know that the despised Dinkle was the mastermind behind it all. I would imagine that Funky would be more amazed about his Alzheimer’s-afflicted dad’s incredible mastery of the trombone (and flawless mug-handling skills) than by hearing about that fool Dinkle, but who the hell knows. Funky does look a lot less fat today, I have to admit, which could be a very good or very, very, very bad thing in the Funkyverse. I’m just chalking it up to shitty artwork for now until the results of the biopsy come back.


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O Little Town Of Memphis

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Merry Christmas to our SoSF guest hosts and commenters! Without YOU it’s all just masturbation! Have a great holiday!!

Man, Funky sure is aging (even more) poorly…the New Guy added a solid ten to fifteen years to his already-decrepit character. Soon he’ll just be a skeleton…a big fat skeleton. Obviously it’s seems HIGHLY unlikely that his father went all the way to Memphis to record a CD without him knowing about it but by the standards of the Funkyverse it’s sort of believable. I mean just last week some guy bought “Lisa’s Trilogy” as a Xmas gift for his dead wife, so this seems rather innocuous in comparison.

“Greetings From Memphis”…wow what a shitty title, they only recorded in Memphis, they don’t live there. “Hits From The Oxygen Bottle”…”Over The Hills And Warfarin Away”…”Nights in White Pravastatin”…”(Let’s Get) Physical (Therapy)…”Stairlift To Heaven”…”Code Blue Christmas”…”Fractured Hippy Shake”…”Like A Rolling Kidney Stone”… “Stray Cataract Blues”…”The Grandkids Are Alright”…”(Do You Remember) AM Talk Radio”…”Every Assisted Breath You Take”…”Walker This Way”…”We (Medi)Care A Lot”…now THOSE are titles befitting the Bedside Manorisms. “Greetings From Memphis” will just confuse people, or it would if anyone actually cared.


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Did I Forget to Mention, Forget to Mention Memphis?

Home of Elvis and the ancient (band) geeks…Holiday greetings snarkers! It’s TFHackett, guest authoring for guest author SoSF David O.

A Sun session that lasted til sunrise, followed up with a night of fights and gunplay, finally catches up with the gang. Dinkle’s relieved to find the BM’s are nestled all snug in the van, ready for the 700-mile jaunt back to Westview. Sadly, fatigue will soon overtake Harry Dinkle as well; he’ll nod off behind the wheel somewhere along I-40 North, and all will be killed in the crash and subsequent explosion of Carl’s leaky oxygen tank. Thank you, Santa!


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Sunrise, Sunset?

SosfDavidO here, and after a long night recording, our gang packs it up and watches the… sunrise? Is that what that’s supposed to be in today’s strip?! They’re staring at it like it’s the mushroom cloud of an atom bomb. Don’t step off the sidewalk, because what should be a solid street below the curb looks more like a gateway to another dimension. Meanwhile, the 2001 Monolith looms sinisterly ahead.

What a weird daily.


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We Five

SosfDavidO here, and Tombat didn’t try very hard with In today’s strip so I’m not overly motivated myself. This story arc feels like it’s been going on since the Clinton administration. There’s no mention of the wackiness of a blind music producer helping a deaf band director make an album but I assume the guy with the oxygen tube probably has no sense of smell to boot.


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SosfDavidO here, and whoa, we’re still in Memphis, likely for the rest of the week as In today’s strip shows the recording session get underway.

My only question is, is all of this going to become meta and give birth to an actual music video or album, like Luann did?*

*I take no responsibility for the horrible earworm that is Luann’s “Hey Boy”.


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See No Stupidity

SosfDavidO here, and Tombat is milking this recording session for the entire week at least as it bleeds into the usually stand-alone Sunday strip. In today’s strip we at least made it to the inside of the studio, where a ham-fisted bit of dialog informs us that the gentleman wearing his sunglasses at night is blind. Just so no one forgets, he even has his disability front and center in his name! We don’t go around calling Becky “Ol’ Miss One-Arm” do we? or refer to Mr. Dinkle as Mr. DeafDinkle?

In any case, I’m going to pretend Mr. Washington is facepalming and not covering his eyes because that would make no sense at all, unless he’s faking blindness like Harry’s faking deafness.


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Night Moves

Tryin’ to make some front page, nursing home community weekly circular news.

SosfdavidO here! And from the looks of today’s strip, the musicians are going to have a hard time keeping awake, much less making that One Magical Album they’re hoping for.

May I suggest a cover of The Beatles’s “I’m Only Sleeping” ?


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Just Put It On My Bill

SosfdavidO here, and I can’t resist a bad duck pun anymore than Tombat could apparently resist not sharing the Wes Anderson-esque tradition that the actual Peabody Hotel still carries on. Why? Because ducks are droll and shit less than geese.

So if you’re looking at today’s strip and wonder if you’ve accidentally stumbled into a Mark Trail comic instead, rest assured, it’s just Tombat and his artist friend trying their hand at whimsy. Far be it from this sentimental old coot to admit it’s pretty charming, all told.


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