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Rock and Droll

SosfDavidO here! Sorry about today’s snoozer, I didn’t know we were going to be forced to go back to history class. Still, learning things about the early days of rock and roll beats being in a small room with Les and Ghost Wife or being stuck with Creepy John or Mopey Pete.

Today’s strip is like watching wallpaper dry. Why are we here? How is this advancing the strip at all? Who are half these people, and why should we even care?!



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Ears of the Woof

My local public radio station has a service where they read the local newspaper aloud for the visually impaired. Since the comics come in the Sunday early edition and are not as easily read as straight text, the volunteers who perform this great service will write a transcript in advance so they can read and describe them succinctly and not waste their limited time.

Here is the transcript for today’s strip:

– Funky Winkerbean –
A black and brown dog barks.
It continues to bark.
An old man says to an old woman standing next to him “You know… as therapy dogs go…” while a nervous younger woman kneels next to the dog with a bone.

Perhaps this is part of TB’s new series of “write your own punchline” strips…


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In today’s strip, Funky terrifies his old man at the knee-slappingly named rest home, Bedside Manor.

Heigh-ho. We know how you feel, Mort. We know how you feel. Still, it could have been worse.

Funky: Les is here. Mort: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Funky: Les is here. Mort: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!


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