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Sunday morning, praise the dawning

Link to today’s strip.

As twas ever thus, Sunday’s strip was not available for preview.   I’m going to guess that we’ll get a reprise of the previous week, with Funky and Holly gasbagging about texts and/or Cory, but as a guess, it’s just that.  The actual strip could be anything.  Funky and Les jogging, comic book tribute, anything at all.  Anything except good, of course.

Normally, I’d stay up long enough to add to the day’s analysis, but unlike Tom Batiuk, I have a real job that requires that I fulfill certain goals.  Unlike Tom Batiuk, if I fail to fulfill these goals, I could get fired, which would not be beneficial to me, though I would assume it would cause Mr. Batiuk some amusement, and perhaps some satisfaction.

But until the time when he has control over my life, I will continue to deny that to him, and I’m off.  See you folks on the funway, which is already in progress!


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Deaf-con Five

In today’s strip, Dinkle learns that there are two kinds of people in the world, those that can magically eliminate their hearing loss by forgetting about it and those not named “Harry Dinkle”.

I very much like the final panel today, or rather, the implications of it. Not only did Dinkle’s high schoolers not listen to his direction, he apparently believes the full-grown adults in the Wally plot device community band don’t either. That makes three separate bands that don’t listen to him. I see a common denominator.


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“Trombone Morty” was
Original post title
for Today’s strip post

Already did a
Trombone Shorty pun Monday
Hate redundancy

There are fewer words
Than you might think that rhyme well
With the word “shorty”

Morton Winkerbean
On trombone reminds Dinkle
Of Wally, I guess

Earl Campbell is not
Impressed with Mort’s name, nor with
Director Dinkle


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Shout at the Dinkle

Today’s strip reaches a level of trippy surrealism that even Heathcliffe’s current descent into nonsensicality cannot match for madness. Admittedly, I am not much of a Mötley Crüe fan, so perhaps Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars both attempting to play and chew on the same guitar is their MO. However, what the third Google Images result for “Mötley Crüe” is doing next to an image of Franklin Roosevelt (with his trademark cigarette holder photoshopped out) boring Funky’s dad and a couple other octogenarians is beyond me.

Also, it’s another Throwback Thursday!
Guess what TB was publishing on this very date back in 1983?
If you guessed essentially the same “Ha! band kids don’t practice!” shtick he was doing on Monday, you win one of several internets.


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The Penny Drops

Link to today’s strip.

Ah…now I get it.   Up til now, this Funky Winkerbean arc has been easily the most baffling of them all.  With today’s episode, it all fits into place.

Pa Winkerbean wants to commit suicide, and he figures he might as well have fun doing so.

Funky Winkerbean, you somehow manage never to disappoint, in your own disappointing way.


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Where There’s Smoke

Link to today’s strip.

More bizarreness in yesterday’s vein.  And like yesterday’s episode, if Mr. Batiuk is going for “wacky” he’s still missing the mark.  There should be a punchline in panel three, rather than a flat statement.

It’s as if Abbott said, “The baseball players’ names…well, Hu’s on first, Watt’s on second, and Ida Noah’s on third,” and Costello said, “Hey, those aren’t real names.”  And…scene!  Okay, folks, that’s a wrap!

This is the first time I can recall seeing Pa Winkerbean speak, other than the “Father’s Day in the Food Court” Sunday episode of a couple of years ago–and all he did then was repeat himself over and over.  (Those wacky Alzheimer’s people!)  I must say, Funky and his dad are looking more and more alike.  I guess that’s easier to draw.  Though I’ve never seen Funky as relaxed and at peace with himself as Pa in panel three.

Also, is it just me, or has 2014 really been Funky’s year so far?  He seems to have featured in more stories than in the last couple of years combined.  Not that I’m complaining too much, because as we know, there are far worse characters he could feature….


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Link to today’s strip.

Well, this…this is just damned stupid.

For those of you new to the strip, Funky ‘s dad is in “Bedside Manor,” an assisted living facility.

In other words, it’s a place to administer health care to seniors.

They’re not going to allow anyone to smoke.  Even if they’re on fire, they’re supposed to douse them.   The receptionist might just as well have said, “He’s out bending steel girders with his teeth.”  Or “He’s on the roof, getting ready to jump into a dumpster full of broken glass.”  This is senseless.

I just can’t figure out what the hell is supposed to be going on here.  It’s not funny, except in a “Wha–?” kind of way…the way the strip sometimes was back in the 70’s.

Is that it?  Has Tom Batiuk decided after all the years of angst, whining, smirks and weak word-play, that it’s time to reboot into a wacky fun-time strip?

Well…if that’s the case, that’s certainly a good thing…I guess…I just hope he kind of gets better at it.

Unless this is going to be some kind of ham-handed treatise on medical marijuana.  If that’s the case, then this episode becomes evidence that there are a whole lot of people not giving a damn about what goes into Funky Winkerbean, starting with Tom Baituk.


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You Ring, We Bring

TFH here, tippin’ the ol’ SoSF chullo to Oddnoc for two weeks of killer guest posts! Tomorrow, Epicus Doomus steps in!

Bad Luck BatiukIf Batiuk had ever gone to the trouble of fleshing out the character of Funky’s dad, then maybe we could afford ourselves a chuckle at today’s strip. When he cropped up in Act III, Pa’s broken hip was just a link in a week-long chain of mishaps that befell Funky on his birthday. Since then, Dad (whom Batiuk hasn’t given a first name) is rolled out any time the author wishes to make Funky seem sympathetic: Funky has to schelp his father home to “celebrate” Christmas, or to the mall Food Court for a Father’s Day “lunch”. Dad exists merely as just one more cross for Funky to bear.



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The Child Is Father to the Man

Well, we let him get away with it yesterday, but Batiuk goes back to the well again today to try and wring a little more pathos outta Pop. Today’s comic is perhaps notable because it’s the only time that I know of where we’ve seen Funky’s mother, a rather nondescript needlenosed and chinless Batiuk female.


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O Come Let Us Adore Cory

Sigh. Gonna tread lightly today. After all, it’s Christmas. I sense that many if not most of you reading this are boomers like myself, which makes us close in age to Funky and the gang. Hence, we’ve watched Mom and Dad grow old, and maybe one or both have passed away. And many of our first and fondest memories, especially today, are of our parents. So while I have a beef with how Batiuk uses Pa Winkerbean as a prop rather than a person (another character whose name we’re never told), this one does tug a bit.

While it’s impossible to read Pa’s expression here, one thing’s for sure: Army life seems to agree with Cory. He appears relaxed and smiling, his unruly hair now shorn “high and tight” and his Wilma Flintstone necklace presumably replaced by dogtags. I’m wondering if in the coming year he’ll have an arc devoted to his life as a soldier, or if he’ll simply live on as a face on Skype.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays

and the brightest of new years! Stay Funky!



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