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Justice For All!

Yeah, you know how I said I was waiting on an official legal opinion from an official lawyer?

I lied, I was waiting for the latest issue of Moppu no Jikan to arrive!

Straight from Akihabara!
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Seeing is Believing

You guys are killing it in the comments section over this courtroom drama arc! I was kinda bummed I missed out on some of the Free Speech fun due to important transport related issues the last couple days.

As in, transporting the spring calving cows and babies to their summer pasture. So for Mela and all you other city slickers who enjoy the Farm Progress Report, the promised round up photos!

Pairs in the corral, ready for sorting. The red cow in front and her calf were sorted off along with a few other pairs, and any cows that didn’t have calves, just so the pasture wouldn’t get overloaded. The red cow is one of our older girls. How old? I don’t know, but I’d believe anything between 14 to 20.

The calves sorted off in our little calving shed. We haul them separate from the cows in just case a calf slips in the trailer. Don’t want the little babies squished! The one in the very front has a funny spot on his nose, probably from some Simmental genes.

That old red cow was sorted off partially because she has a habit of being a massive pain in the butt to get into the corral at the end of the season. She’s not crazy wild, or aggressive. She just doesn’t feel the need to go with the herd, no matter how good the bait my dad is offering.

Speaking of going with the herd!

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Tribulations and Trials

DCH John Howard is charged with heinous comics crimes! CBH is on the case! I am highly qualified to provide legal commentary and counsel on this fictional court room drama. Below, a list of my qualifications.

1.) My friend is a lawyer.

2.) I have a working internet connection, and am not afraid of the CIA seeing my search history.

3.) My mom has 60% of the OJ Simpson Trial recorded on VHS.

4.) I once got two speeding tickets in one week.


Let me flash some of that sweet sweet knowledge!

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Lisa-est Lisa.

2022, Lisa.

Lisa, many Lisa 2022.


Lisa January.

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The Lost Retcon

Only two days left to vote for The 2022 Funky Awards!

Guys, I have a real confession to make today. Something intense, almost painful. It came up so suddenly, and completely blindsided me.

I feel like I’m a reporter about to drop some breaking news…

News you can trust.

But the breaking news is that I suck.

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