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Tandboori Chicken

What!? After pulling the rug out from under us once with that “It was just a video game” cop-out ending to the Wally getting IED’d story arc Tomhack wastes our week with more of the same in today’s strip

How much of this is a dream!? Because Darin working on a major Hollywood movie with pretty much nil experience seems more like a far-fetched fever dream than them illegally boarding a Chinese vessel. Is this Inception or some shit I don’t have time for? Is Pete dreaming all this back in New York!?


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Mighter Than The Sword

SoSfDavidO here with another snark! Looks like Darrin is still moping about his damn pen missing. Nothing left to do but lean back and… WHOA! What’s going on in today’s strip?!

Zip it up, Darrin, or at least give Pete a 1-minute warning!


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Hollywoo Stars And Celebrities

This is your captain SoSfDavidO speaking as we approach LAX, I’d like to warn you I’ll be your snarker for the next two weeks! In other words, comedy turbulence ahead!

It looks like the famous duo of Pete and Darin are flying “Back Home” in today’s strip to the Bojack Horseman multiverse where the Hollywood sign lost the D.


Yep, they’re a real power couple, aren’t they? Judging from the fact they’re practically sitting in each others laps and the classic, cheap pube-hair upholstery on their seats, I’d venture they’re flying coach.

But hey, they’re home! Darin makes no mention of the wife and baby, wherever those plot devices are. We’ll probably see them again at Thanksgiving and Christmas and only then. You can’t have them cramping these two genius’s lifestyles!



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How Green Doth My Envy Burn For Thee

Link to today’s treacle.

What the hell, Cynthia? It’s already acknowledged that any multicellular lifeform on Earth would bump uglies with you in a heartbeat given half a chance. Why are you so threatened by this unseen nemesis Marianne Winters?

So it seems that this week’s arc is rapidly devolving into another display of Cindy’s insecurities. T-Bats sure does like torturing her. That popular blonde chick in high school must’ve not only shot him down but double-capped him for good measure and he’s been doodling his revenge ever since.

And hey, what are Mason and Dick Facey (heh heh, thanks Epicus) chatting about in the foreground? Let’s listen in…


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Sponging Off Relatives

Link to today’s strip.

Ha ha ha, the first line Darin’s had all week and Pete immediately steps on it!

I continue to be amazed that anyone, anyone at all, could find a sponge-based superhero to be interesting.   When I was back in the ninth grade and was drawing superhero comics on notepaper, I would never have considered such an idea, much less dealt with it for more than a few seconds.  (“What a stupid idea.  Must be too much eraser dust in the air, confounding my brain.”)  Perhaps I’d use it as a comedy character who was immediately defeated in some humorous way, but anything ongoing?  NO.

And remember–I’m talking about the ninth grade.

I don’t know what to make of Tom Batiuk’s fantasy publishing world.  In a way, it’s quite impressive in its scope and detail, but it makes me wonder why he doesn’t apply some of that creativity over here, in the strip that puts bread on the table.   Wouldn’t that be something?  Imagine reading posts on this site telling how much we liked the episode of the day.  As it is, Funky Winkerbean comes across as an afterthought–as Gerald and others have pointed out, no one who only reads the strip would have any of the Batom Books details provided in the blog posts, which robs these flashback strips of rather most of their impact.  Not that it would really make much to people not obsessed with silver age DC comics, but still, some context is always nice.

Without any of that, reading about some guy’s fantasy comic-book publishing world is like listening to a really boring person at a party.  You suddenly realize you’ve heard nothing he’s said for at least five minutes, and you start to worry he’ll ask you a question and you won’t have any idea how to respond.  And your drink is almost full–can’t use “Going to get a refill!” as an excuse.  Maybe plead for a bathroom break?  Give it a shot.  You can hide in the den…and read old comic books.

Heh heh heh.


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Cataract Walt

Yesterday Dinkle got around to thinking of a name for Bedside Manor’s band; today Batiuk deigns to ascribe a name to one of the musicians. What the author neglected to do was offer anything in the way of humor or plot development. Can you find the point to this strip? I can’t.


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Novel Idea

I had no idea Les was teaching a class in comic books but it makes sense, considering Westview’s entire economy runs on the currency of comics, pizza and heartache.

It’s almost weird seeing Les without his yellow shirt in today’s strip— it’s like Charlie Brown without his striped shirt!


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