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Wow, Summer and Maddie Got Married

Today’s strip

“When I told Bull I was going to introduce him, it really showed what a crappy friend I am, just making major decisions for Bull and not even giving him any input.  I mean, I am his friend, right?  That’s the word for a guy who just starts showing up at your house after you get CTE and spends a lot of one-on-one time with your wife?  Where’s that dweeby English teacher whose annoying wife died, maybe he can tell his what the right word for that is.  Oh, right, he didn’t show up, because apparently I’m the only one in Bull’s life who gives a crap about him.  Like when I lied to him to make him think he won a game he actually lost.  Gosh, good thing that never came up in any awkward situation later on.”


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Just Ignore Tom, He Can’t Help Himself

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What a perfect way to ring in a new year of FW: a bunch of completely pointless idiotic babbling that makes less sense every time you read it. I’m assuming that this is supposed to be yet another riff on “the parents just don’t understand”, I guess. Or maybe the fumes from all those felt tips gave The Author the (mistaken) impression that this a) makes sense and b) features humor (that Rocky drawing in panel two nonwithstanding). That studio clearly needs better ventilation, because this is the nonsensical jabbering of a madman. A really boring madman. I honestly have no idea what’s going on here and I’ve already wasted precious seconds of 2014 trying to figure it out. So on to the “huh?” pile it goes, perhaps future generations will be able to decipher it with better technology or something.


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