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This Blows

Electrocution hazards be damned, the good people of Westview show their support for our hardy runners. I’m sure the three lady runners in panel 2 are generic “extras”, but damn if they don’t look like (from left) Station Wagon Susan, some kid from A Charlie Brown Christmas, and the sorely-missed Chien.

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Tell me what I’m missing here
As she takes her final walk through the halls of Westview High, Susan spies a student at a locker. But wait, aren’t all the students gone for the summer? There’s something familiar about that girl, though… Whoa! That geeky girl in the bobbysox is Susan’s teenage self!

A little further along, Susan encounters another female, who, judging from her trajectory, has emerged from a solid wall to cross Susan’s path. Can anybody reading this (Mr. Batiuk?) tell me who the hell this woman is? She’s wearing an ID badge, so she must be a teacher…but surely we’ve met all 5 or 6 members of Westview’s teaching staff. Before she was forced to turn it in, Susan was never pictured without her ID badge…so is this the ghost of the future that Susan would have had? The hair’s a different color, but we’ve seen Susan as a blonde.

There’s no ambiguity in the last panel, that’s for sure. A mop, two brooms, and a garbage can bear witness to the final disposal of Susan Smith Westbrook.

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Les Sticks It In

Epicus Doomus
June 29, 2011 at 12:44 am

…Les is easily the most obnoxious, annoying jerk-off in the history of comic strips, if not entertainment as a whole.

..and today’s strip confirms it!

It wasn’t enough for Les to show up to an empty school and stand over Susan as she gathered her personal effects. It wasn’t enough for him to name-drop his “real” girlfriend and call Susan “crazy” to her face. Before he walks out the door for good, Les has to be sure to fan that little ember of Susan’s doomed, unrequited love.

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Well, I Guess This Is It

Panel one, they’re all shy and demure. Then in panel two, Susan suddenly brightens at the prospect of future opportunities to stalk Les outside of Westview High. Les, meanwhile, having been thoroughly disabused of his big box-office notions, tries halfheartedly to dissuade her. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

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A Clean Break from Westview

Some story arcs are fun to snark upon. Some story arcs just make me angry. This week’s “Susan Steps Aside” saga is an example of the latter.

To summarize what has been pointed out here and elsewhere in the comics mockage sphere, Susan is a possibly mentally unbalanced individual, and Les is a complete and utter asshole. She’s cleaning out her desk because of him, and they’re both joking about it. Well, when the “writing” becomes too vexing, we can always critique the “drawing”: Les has never looked more punchable than he does in panel 3, while Susan’s bashful smile makes her look like Droopy Dawg.

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How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away?

O.B. Dan
June 24, 2011 at 6:33 am

Station Wagon Susie is not gone, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Nope, first she needs to pack up her belongings. Les pops in to share a little chuckle over the whole “being forced to resign in disgrace” thing. What should be an awkward, regretful farewell turns into another smirkfest. Les looks more than a little creepy in panel 3; he’s smirking so hard he resembles a bespectacled Jack Nicholson. Les looks like he’s about to bend Susan over a desk.

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Career Sue-icide

June 19, 2011 at 2:01 pm

…[Batiuk] can indulge in Les heroically facing his strawman accusers, while Cayla stands by her man and Susan ultimately takes the blame and willingly sacrifices her career so Les’ will survive.

Not sure if TheDiva peeked ahead to today’s strip, but I don’t imagine there could be any other outcome, since Batiuk can’t allow our “Absen-teecher of the Year” to become embroiled in such scandal. I really want to interpret Susan’s dispassionate demeanor as a prelude to a psychotic episode where, realizing at last that Mr. Moore can never be hers, she takes out half of Westview before offing herself. But that would be too entertaining, not to mention it would also fullfill O.B. Dan’s TGF prophecy. Most likely, Susan Smith Westbrook will vanish from this strip just as abruptly as she reappeared.

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