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The Home Stretch

Voting closes 12:00 CENTRAL Last chance to put your finger on the scales!


Please, CBH, I beg of you — please dive into some Act I material when Batiuk actually wrote things that were mildly entertaining.

Y. Knott

I’m sorry, Y. Knott, but I am bound and determined to see this Frankie thing through. Don’t worry, today is the last day of unfortunate implications, as the final Frankie arc is as anodyne as it is baffling.

But still, I hear your plea, so here’s a little Act I palate cleanser of some strips I pulled at random during my deep dives.

First, cream of the crop Political humor.

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The Lost Retcon

Only two days left to vote for The 2022 Funky Awards!

Guys, I have a real confession to make today. Something intense, almost painful. It came up so suddenly, and completely blindsided me.

I feel like I’m a reporter about to drop some breaking news…

News you can trust.

But the breaking news is that I suck.

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Retroactive Contemptibility

2022 Funky Awards coming soon!

Voting ends Saturday Night!

You remember when this was just supposed to be a little Frankie retrospective? A fun little character study to thank Epicus for his years of hard work on this blog? Sorry about that. We all have to grieve/celebrate the ending of Funky Winkerbean in our own way. So, on to Day 9 of FRANKIE WEEK!

The last couple days, Frankie has faded into the background while the Westview Avengers assembled.

What was our hero Frankie getting up to during the two weeks it took Cayla to remember Lisa had a high school journal?

Well, first he and Lenny attempt to interview the locals about Lisa.

Just some amazing facial expressions from our Frankie boy here.

Then, the partners take a idyllic stroll down lover’s lane.

Interesting show of empathy from Lenny.
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Deja View Times Two

Funky Awards 2022 Coming Soon!


Today! The latest installment of the Funkyverse’s most exciting new game show, brought to you by Crankshaft!

Find! That! Line Art!


Tell our valiant players what they’ve won!

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A Stroke of Luck

Obligatory link to Funky Awards Voting.

Link to post of nominees

Link to post of BEST STRIP nominees.

Is this, like, commentary or something?

This Sunday strip is, I guess, supposed to be ironic. Jessica still doesn’t know the kind of man her father really was. Although Jess had been talking about her John Darling documentary for years at this point.

In April 2011 the part of Jessica Fairgood was played by a Sunday School puppet.
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