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The Lost Retcon

Only two days left to vote for The 2022 Funky Awards!

Guys, I have a real confession to make today. Something intense, almost painful. It came up so suddenly, and completely blindsided me.

I feel like I’m a reporter about to drop some breaking news…

News you can trust.

But the breaking news is that I suck.

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Deja View Times Two

Funky Awards 2022 Coming Soon!


Today! The latest installment of the Funkyverse’s most exciting new game show, brought to you by Crankshaft!

Find! That! Line Art!


Tell our valiant players what they’ve won!

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A Stroke of Luck

Obligatory link to Funky Awards Voting.

Link to post of nominees

Link to post of BEST STRIP nominees.

Is this, like, commentary or something?

This Sunday strip is, I guess, supposed to be ironic. Jessica still doesn’t know the kind of man her father really was. Although Jess had been talking about her John Darling documentary for years at this point.

In April 2011 the part of Jessica Fairgood was played by a Sunday School puppet.
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Reality Bites Back


And I’m, once again, asking for you to remember that VOTING FOR THE 2022 FUNKY AWARDS ENDS THIS WEEK. January 21.

That’s right my beautiful beady-eyed picker-pals! CBH has returned from her baby-dunking trip to the south, and is all puffed up on her new godmotherly authority! It was a very nice playing with the sister-spawn and various in-laws, and getting fed plenty of deliciously greasy southern hospitality. The only tiny rain cloud tacked to the silver lining is that I missed some great discussions. Beckoning went on an epic alcohol fueled Frankie beat down. Sorial got everyone dissecting time skips. Then Eldon of Galt popped out of lurker mode to talk about Re-Boot. And I MISSED IT. I can’t believe I missed talking about Re-Boot.

Sad Face
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Frankie Fake-out

Vote for the 2022 Funky Awards HERE!

Preliminary research by people who took college level chemistry classes showed that individuals who voted for the 2022 Funky Awards were happier, more energetic, and more attractive to their preferred romantic partners than the control group. (Disclaimer: This statement should not be taken as any kind of indication that the person and/or persons who took college level chemistry classes remember what was taught in those classes or even, indeed, that they passed the class at all.)

An ominous shadow of threatening portent hovered over baby Summer Moore’s stay in the NICU.

Even more ominous than Les’ inhuman puppet mouth in panel 2.

The story seemed to be headed toward a topical fable about sharing too much online, especially when you’ve just had a violent drunken interaction with a potential stalker.

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