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Mail Day Part One…The Delivery

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Thanks TFH! It’s great to be back at the helm for what promises to be the most intense and trauma-packed FW arc since Funky crashed his car. It’s like my entire SoSF tenure has been leading toward this moment. Who knows what kind of roller coaster-like thrills this week will hold and…

Uh-oh. Long time FW readers know that mail delivery in the Funkyverse spells big, big trouble. Once again he’s bizarrely trying to cram wry whimsical banter into this arc for no discernible reason other than habit. I don’t really understand the gag here or why any interaction with the mail carrier was necessary to move the story along, but it goes without saying that whatever news this mail contains is definitely not good. My guess? The NFL mixed up Bull’s brain scan results with another dying player, leading to some sort of grim hilarity. In any event, steel yourselves for day after day after day of Linda sorting through mail, as I’ve seen this movie before and I know how it goes. And don’t forget, then she has to actually READ the mail, which is a whole other process. The Earth’s poles could very well shift before this plays out. Sigh.


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Cross Purposes

You’ve Been Warned

This is as bad as FW gets. Wry “flirtatious” banter, uncontrollable smirking AND that shitty old broken down movie house, all seemingly designed and engineered to disrupt and irritate the human digestive system in a whole host of nauseating ways. It’s just repugnant. The jerk drives to Ohio all the way from Hollywood and the best “date” idea he can muster is to drag her off to that stinky old movie house…where she works, no less. Let me tell you this: if they go to see some decrepit old 1950s serial comic book flick I WILL burn mid-central Ohio to the ground.

I really hate how all FW “flirting” ALWAYS involves this sort of cynical disingenuous banter, like they’re locked into some deranged “battle of the sexes” contest to see who can be the most wry. Everyone’s a sarcastic smirking dick and apparently it’s supposed to be cute and adorable but all it ever does is enrage me. “Free passes”…come on, what could it possibly cost to see a movie in that dilapidated old dump, four or five bucks max? Pete just wrote a gigantic Hollywood summer blockbuster and he can’t break a twenty taking his dream girl to the movies…and she LIKES IT! In my opinion BatNom really needs to get out more…or maybe stay in more, I don’t know.


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One Of These Days These Comic Books Are Gonna Comic Book All Over Your Comic Books

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This is already week five of the Great Chester Hagglemore Batom Comics mega-arc  (oh yeah, it’s a mega-arc  at this point) and they’ve only just now arrived at Hagglemore Manor. I suppose he assumes we “like” Pete and Boy Lisa and thus are amused by their annoying patter and irritating banter but oh how very, very wrong he is. Day after day of mindless chatter, beating around the bush and avoiding the point, which has not yet been made entirely clear. That’s right, there’s a real no-fooling company that will PAY YOU to do this! It’s all a matter of knowing the “right people”, I guess.

I (shudder) went back and (ugh) re-read this arc (it amazing how quickly one forgets a FW weekly arc, isn’t it?) and counting this one I found only five strips that had anything to do with the premise. Chester asks about Pete (Sunday strip), John agrees to get them in touch, Chester texts Pete, Pete mooches ride to Ohio, Pete and Darin arrive at Chester’s. The rest of it was all incomprehensible nonsense about Jessica’s old sex life, the decline of fairy tales and petty theft, none of which could have had any less to do with anything. This is week five, so counting that Sunday strip this is the twenty-seventh strip in this arc. So only 18% of the strips in this arc had any relevance to the story and that’s using a very, very loose definition of “relevant” too. He could have told this entire “story” thus far in a mere five days and even then it would have been as thin as his everyday grip on reality. Just amazing.


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