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Scorched Earth

Well, at least today’s strip made it easy to choose a post title. I don’t feel like I had any other choice.

As far as the strip goes, is this really more feminine and more hopeful than Atomik Komix’s previous climage damate covers? (Eh and Eh are my answers) More importantly, is this the kind of cover Chester can be deadly serious about? Yeah, probably. Chester, introduced as an unscrupulous and unpleasant wheeler-dealer, is pretty much the most laid back boss ever these days.

Pete should leave the snark to us. For one thing, baked potatoes are delicious and this strip suffers greatly in comparison to them. For another, all this damate climage comic business was Pete’s idea in the first place. And above all, Ruby’s given him some prime snark ammunition by drawing some planet that does not appear in almost any way to be earth and he just completely misses it. Leave the wisecracks to the professionals in our comment section next time, Pete.


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The Eternal Question

Link To Today’s Strip

Yes, whenever one is advised You need to start exercising or You need to change your diet, the question is always, “Okay, but when can I stop?”

I guess it’s akin to You need to put jokes in your comic strip about young adults.  “Okay, but when can I stop?”

Today’s offering is nowhere near as good as those earlier in the week, but there is one positive aspect I’d like to point out.  It’s this:

You’re probably thinking that there doesn’t seem to be anything remarkable about it…and I agree.  It’s what isn’t there that’s interesting.  Think how easy it would be to turn that panel into this:

It took me about a minute (which is why it’s so shoddy).  Tom Batiuk has been doing stuff like this for ten years or so; it’d have been easy for him to toss out something like that.  Really easy.

Something to ponder on–something to stay the hand when it reaches out innocently for the whitened pebble, the veined stone, the dead, unmoving rocks of our planet.


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