The Lisa’s Story Story

Oct. 20-26, 2008

Les’ latest literary lemon is rejected by the publisher (sent back postage due, insult to injury). He instructs Summer to file it with the rest of his failed efforts. Summer stumbles across Les’ first person account of “Lisa’s Story”, and suggests that Dad “write what you know”, Les fires up the laptop.


Feb. 2-8, 2009

Les is out in the garage again…it’s called writing. And conjuring up the late Lisa, along with Le Chat Bleu.


Oct. 18 – Nov. 6, 2010
Les embarks on a book tour and conducts a book signing at Montoni’s. Post-book signing, Annie informs her client that the Today Show wants him.

May 8-21, 2011
Ann Apple calls Les to tell him that “Hollywood” wants to option Lisa’s Story.

This sends Les into a panic as he imagines how “Hollywood” will desecrate his work.

After a park bench consult with the ghost of his late wife, Les reluctantly agrees.

Ann dismisses Les’ fears by telling him there’s virtually no chance the movie will ever get made.

August 1-7, 2011
Les nitpicks his option contract on the phone with Ann Apple, insists on writing the screenplay

April 8-21, 2013
The good news: Hollywood has picked up the option on Lisa’s Story, which is to be made into a cable TV movie.

The bad news: Les, who insisted on writing the screenplay, is seized by writer’s block.


Nov. 11-17 2013
We learn that Les still has not completed the Lisa’s Story screenplay that he insisted upon writing.

Cayla helpfully fetches Lisa’s Journal down off the shelf.

July 28-Aug. 24
In Hollywood, Les gets to know the actors who will portray himself and Lisa in the TV movie based (ever more loosely) on his book. As he continues “working” on the script, Les slips into a weird noir fantasy of late ’30s/early ’40’s Hollywood, where the movie’s leading lady attempts to seduce him in order to get more screentime. Les is jolted awake when he remembers that his “contract mentioned a ‘kill fee’” which somehow enables Les to walk away from the Lust for Lisa project (presumably without being sued). This and other events conspire to shut down the TV movie, and Les and Le Chat Bleu are free to resume their non-Hollywood lives.