Giving Away the Store

Inside the soon-to-be-closed-for-good Famous Ray’s Montoni’s Pizza, Funky laments having to waste what’s left of the inventory. Guess it’s not worth shipping back to Ohio. So the two friends recreate the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes and feed the Manhattan multitude, and in a weird, labor-intensive way, Funky’s dream is at long last realized.

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  1. Sgt Saunders

    The artwork, or drawing, today looks kind of disheveled and strange. Especially P1 with an apparently toothless Les.

    And so are we now to believe that Flunky and Les fired up the “shuttered” pizza ovens to cook up all the “inventory” to give it away, give it away, giveitaway, giveitawaynow? It’s easier to believe that Funky punched all Les’ teeth out.

    Interestingly, if you zoom the strip in, you can make out some sort of address what with the big 323 and the street sign…5th st. Googlization reveals the address to be right close to the 9th Police precinct. From what little I know about NYC and from the map, it looks like Montoni’s is in the Bowery, and is decidedly not a corner location.

  2. sonofstuckfunky

    TFHackett here…still have to figure out how to make myself an admin.

    Link to Dean’s Comic Booth has been added, Dan; thanks and welcome! Keep the suggestions coming, all.

    I was hoping when my paper came this morning I’d be able to read that street address. I see 5th St. too. I’ve been to NYC a ton of times and never heard of a 5th “St.”, but it sounds like a Bowery address all right. I guess those people lining up for the free pie are all bums.

  3. another artist>?
    Oh well…nothing is consistant, except for Lester being the prepetual sad sack.
    Say so is Wally and Funky and Comicbook John and Bull
    Wait a minute here…I do see a pattern.

    Its gotta be the Bowery. no self-rightous New yorker is gonna eat even a free Ohio pizza

  4. Special K

    Wouldn’t it have been a better use of the ingredients to donate them to a soup kitchen or food bank? No no, it’s apparently much better to destroy the colons of a herd of greedy New Yorkers (on Madison Ave) with greasy pizza for a day then to feed a herd of needy New Yorkers healthy bread and soup for a week.

  5. I’ve been off and now lookey see what I found. A new posting blog.
    I was beginning to think that SF & TB were the same person.

  6. sonofstuckfunky

    Welcome, XP, SK, MP, OBD and SGT

    Next order of business will be setting up a rotation for guest bloggers. I’ll probably put a link up at the top of the page and put together a calendar. I know from experience (as, I’m sure, does SF) that posting faithfully on a blog of this type every day can be daunting. Plus we’ve got some talented snarkers here; it’ll be fun (I hope) letting everyone have a turn.

  7. Sgt Saunders

    Sounds like a fun challenge. I can handle it with a little help about the technical aspects of this thing you call “blog”.

  8. David O

    The artwork, or drawing, today looks kind of disheveled and strange. Especially P1 with an apparently toothless Les.

    At least Les *got* a mouth— P1 on 1/10 makes Funky’s head look like a blob of dough. Charlie Brown looks more human than that.