Crankshaft Crossover Sunday

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TB goes all meta on us today: yes, that is indeed the first panel of today’s Crankshaft comic. Now, it would have been really clever to have Ed Crankshaft reading today’s funnies  and complaining bitterly about how unfunny FW has become. Instead, today’s Crankstrip is not only unrelated and unfunny, but it barely makes sense. And speaking of elderly Ed, put a red ballcap on Funky in panel 3 and I defy you to tell him and Crankshaft apart.

“Diversions” is what “they’re calling graphic arts now”? Who are “they“? I’m pretty sure graphic arts is still called “graphic arts”, and outside of the Help Wanteds, the newspapers I read don’t have a “graphic arts section” (or Diversions…my paper calls it the “Better Living” section). My paper does sometimes have articles that stop mid-sentence. That’s what they call a production error. If they want you to go to the web they usually put a link in the article.

I guess newspapers have now joined Wall Street bankers on TB’s List of Greedy Amoral Morons.


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  1. Ras Nate

    Yes, I always used to look forward to the Sunday graphic arts pages. What. The. Hell.

  2. Nothing but filler and completely pointless. He really needs to stick with a story line and see it through.

  3. O.B. Dan

    What did “they” call graphic arts pages before they became graphic arts pages?

  4. Not completely related to today’s strip, but Funky looks horrible. I don’t recall now how long the jump was supposed to be (10 years?), but he looks like he’s aged at least ten years just since closing the New York store. The man in today’s strip is a man in his late sixties or early seventies.

  5. Hi There

    Funky Winkerbean – jaded, faded, hated.

  6. David O

    I have to admit, if this comic had come out 15 years ago, I would have chuckled.

  7. Stupid is as Stupid is.

  8. George L. Tirebiter

    Is this supposed to be funny because Funky is a comic graphic phart himself and now he’s bitching about his mentor comic strip character Crankwad being called a diversion, and the puffy-faced creature next to him is too-high toned to be a mere comic strip character, so now Funky is caught in some pan-media loop within his own inky universe, forever reading Crankshaft and sporadically appearing as a shimmering image in Crankshaft’s TV set.

  9. Sgt Saunders

    I think you need to read Crankshaft today to fully comprehend Funky’s disgust. Incomprehensible as anything out of the Funkyverse, Crank opines about living on a round planet being the cause of his woodpile crash. Of all possible meanings, which one is correct? Funky realizes he’s on a fool’s errand and starts another “article” (Archie? Mary Worth?), while his anger at Lunchbox there, and her bizarre references to “graphic arts” reaches a fever pitch and he becomes sick in his pants.

  10. You shouldn’t stack firewood on the ground or next to the house anyway, unless you want termites. Although maybe Ed’s doing it intentionally to give him yet another thing to be “Crank-y” about.

  11. Summer Less

    Because “graphic arts” is a term generally categorizing printmaking and drawing – and most general Sunday newspapers don’t have whole sections devoted to printmaking and drawing – I assumed TB/FW was referring to the Comics section. I know this is crazy, but where I come from, it is and always has been called the Comics section. In non-Sunday papers it’s usually part of a section including entertainment news, features, puzzles, etc, which is usually called Daily Magazine or Living or Entertainment or maybe even Diversions (snicker) – but if it’s just comics then it’s called Comics. I guess the “Graphic Arts Section” is just another TB-ism like “solo car date”.

  12. David O

    TFHackett is right– I’ve had a woodpile around all my life. It’s either in the woodshed or it’s off of the ground and covered with a tarp. He’s going to get waterlogged termite infested wood. Wow, what a dumbass.

  13. Okay I searched Google and could not find a newspaper with a “Graphic Arts” section (or one called “diversions”)

    Diversions is what TB does so as to never finish a story arch.

    Crankshaft is equally stupid today.
    I work my tail off for a living… yet these guys get paid to produce this mishmash of garbage?

    Write to Congress, tell them we don’t need healthcare or financial reform.
    We need comic strip reform …oh I mean “diversions”

  14. O.B. Dan

    He’s going to get waterlogged termite infested wood.

    Maybe he misses the popping and hissing of magnifying-glassed ants…

  15. Let’s face it – this “strip” is just another of Batiuk’s exercise in bitter Boomer inflexibility and refusal to accept that newspapers are a glorified afterthought. Also, comparing your shitty strips to the material in an art museum is the absolute height of arrogance, but I would expect no less from Tommy da B.