“Les” Misérable


Must be a shift change at the pizzeria. Les has handed over his Montoni’s apron to Summer, and traded his trademark yellow shirt for the spiffy green one that Funky wore to the movies on Sunday. But he still wears the resigned expression of a man who simply lays back and allows life to happen to him. Douche.

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  1. I’m hoping something interesting happens during this plotline, like Cory stealing a champagne bottle or two. Or Cory stealing money from book sales. Or Cory accusing Les of being a blackmailing douche (which he is). Or Cory walking in Montoni’s while the party is going full-force and shooting everybody with an AK-47.

  2. Or, better yet, an appearance by–do do dooooo–Cell Phone Girl, the best character find of 2010.

  3. OR better you better you bet….Zombie Lisa actually make an apperation to the audience thanking them all….as she them smites SW Susan and Cayla…. turns CW into a pillar of salt for stealing her run money.

  4. … oooh, he’s “scheduled” for a book signing at Lisa’ Walk.
    For chrissake… you run the freaking Walk you dolt.
    I bet that was a hard to to schedule… And in Westview no doubt… launch at toni’s signing at the Walk..next maybe a call-in program on the Westview high school morning intercom announcement.
    What a douche

  5. Ryokomayuka

    I forget what blackmailing did Les do?

  6. S.P. Charles

    dougputhoff, that would be Wally, not Cory.

  7. @Ryoko

    Lester caught CW writing the answers on his water bottle and never told his parents ‘ cause he wanted an un-natural act from Cory …i think.

  8. Ryokomayuka

    That does ring a bell.

  9. You right, S.P. Wally could do it, too. But Cory has it in for Les.

  10. billytheskink

    And to think, we nearly went the entire summer without seeing Summer. She’s looking less like Pete these days, which is good I guess…

    Wonder what she’s been up to. Practicing her goosenecking? Rehersing for the part of the bus driver in an 86 minute musical?

  11. davidorth

    I know one thing, Summer hasn’t been getting her driver’s license. That’s still an unresolved issue, if I remember right.