You’ve Got Smirk!

Children’s Motrin: like Colt 45,  it works every time. Robbie’s out like a light, and now Mom gets to enjoy a little “me” time. And we, the readers,  are subjected to “TB time”, in which years either pass by in a day, or, more likely, a single day can last a week or more. Guess that slip of paper from Becky wasn’t a hit man’s phone number, but a web address. Gee: do you think it was anything to do with puppies?

A reader named Ray commented on an earlier post, and I thought it was worth “bumping” his comment to today’s post because it’s pretty astounding:

November 9, 2010 at 7:18 pm

If I had to guess, the “Funky Fedora” is being tipped to [Susan Cash, marketing manager of KSU Press, and  Mickey Ciriello, owner of Luigi’s Restaurant in Akron] from when TB had his book signing for “The Other Shoe” at Luigi’s (in 2007). Seems like a long time has passed to offer said thanks, but who am I to judge?

A tip o’ the SoSF derby to you, Ray, for this mind-blowing bit of information! -TFH


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  1. David O

    Madam David sees things… crystal ball is cloudy… wait, it clears! Madam David sees… Les… climbing a mountain. Where could he be? Mt. Kilimanjaro!

    That’s my bold-ass prediction. TB climbed the mountain not too long ago; Les is sure to follow.

  2. Ofcourse…it had to be that TB actually did have a book launching at a pizza joint.
    Art impersonates Life…and so Lester is the real life TB…or does it matter which is which? They are both one now…self-centered, egotistical, condensending, not a clue, laid only once.
    Ya…now it’s coming together.
    Okay Dan I’m ready…..gimme TGF…I’ve seen the light.

  3. Charlene

    Anyone else notice that Les is physically morphing into TB?

  4. Jon

    FW looks more like TB if you ask me.

  5. David O

    FW looks more like TB if you ask me.

    Oh snap! No you didn’t!

  6. Epicus Doomus

    So Lester really does = TB, except with a full head of hair and surrounded by clingy babes he nonchalantly ignores. He even has the same silver Paulie Walnuts hair wings. Wow, just…wow.

    “TB time”…LOL! I dislike the wordless ones the most, nothing going on there that couldn’t have been addressed in one panel. Filler, filler and more filler.

  7. billytheskink

    We all know TB is comfortable in Les’ skin, I wonder how Susan Cash and Mickey Ciriello felt about being represented in the strip by AppleAnnie and Funky.

    And very much agreed on a tip of the SOSF derby to Ray for this factoid, and another to TFH for digging up an unbelievably entertaining blog post about it.

    I about lost it when I read this:

    “I wrote a fictional obituary for Lisa Crawford Moore and posted it on this blog Thursday morning. The only detail I got wrong, because I had not seen the upcoming episodes, was where her memorial service took place. I also didn’t know there would be calling hours at the funeral home. But I’m sure there was a luncheon at Montoni’s Pizza!

    Pizza places are good for book signings maybe, but funeral services?
    I do know, though, that when my time comes I want to be set ablaze at the “Tom Batiuk Funeral Home and Cremation Society”. It is, after all, Westview’s steadiest employer, if not its largest.

  8. @ E.P.

    “It’s called writing”

  9. ryokomayuka

    I just one question. How are you getting the next day comic at 10:30 pm?

  10. billytheskink

    Hmm, I posted twice on here today and neither one showed up.

    Still can’t believe that fictional obituary for Lisa that was linked in the blog post TFH found about TB’s book signing.
    A memorial service at Montoni’s… Awful, just awful.

    Note from TFH: Hey Billy, sorry your comment went into the spam queue. It happens sometimes when comments contain more than one link, and I’m usually around to approve the comments when that happens. I’ve restored your comment. Thanks for being persistent!

  11. I think it’s worth repeating, that Lisa Moore is a character that TB MADE UP only to later on KILL BY CHOICE. She’s not real. None of this is real, TB.

  12. Sgt Saunders

    @Riff Chick – That’s the bottom line here as I see it. Lisa, a character whom TB treats as substantially real insofar as the emotional reaction he tried to wring out of his audience goes, is as fictional as the Pillsbury Dough Boy. TB created her and he smote her. Presumably, this elevates him and FW from the Dagwoods of the world, but in reality it makes him creepy and strange. I truly doubt whether anyone at all has an enhanced awareness of breast cancer solely due to exposure to FW. Nevertheless, TB, like his alter-ego, Les, is milking this Les-loves-Lisa-but-she-dead shit for all it’s worth. Like Riff Chick says, “none of this is real”, and that goes for Wally too.

  13. This is no movie …this is real.

    Which reel?

    The last reel of this vintage motion picture “High School Madness”…staring Dave Casman as Perogie Tirebiter and Joe Berkman as Mudhead

  14. ryokomayuka I just one question. How are you getting the next day comic at 10:30 pm?

    Ryoko, I found a “Funky” source that I can’t reveal. Getting the strips ahead of time makes it possible for me to update SoSF daily. But as a service to this wonderful community I’ve started publishing each day’s entry a little ahead of time.

  15. billytheskink

    Thank you TFH, I was starting to think I’d done something wrong.