Gone Blotto


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With all the time he spends with his ass parked on one of Montoni’s stools, you’d think Klinghorn would know every detail of the place, “right down to the nails in the floor“. But the absence of a giant rotating beer sign only registers a vague “crazy sense” that “something’s different”. Together the old friends undertake to remedy the situation by expending the absolute minimum thought, effort and expense. It serves as sort of a metaphor: today’s strip is the equivalent of an empty bottle of cheap beer, hastily put up in lieu of something truly pleasing to the senses.

I’m pretty sure the “Blotto Beer display” is based on the Budweiser Champion Clydesdale Rotating Carousel lamp, a handsome lighted globe that contained a miniature horse-drawn beer wagon that circled ’round and ’round. It made me think of my bartending days, where I had to eject a patron who stood on his stool and counter-rotated the lamp in an effort to get the horses to stand still…

Lastly: Google-image-searching “blotto beer” yields some borderline-NSFW results.

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0 responses to “Gone Blotto

  1. O.B. Dan

    I’m not getting what the new masthead is all about…

  2. davidorth

    What… what’s the final panel mean? Did Harry turn into the Blotto display?

  3. O.B. Dan

    BTW – things are back to normal over at Comics Casserole.

  4. That shaking beer bottle is about to come down on Crazy’s head. Yes, the only character in this strip not yet stricken by some tragedy or illness meets his inevitable doom. Nobody has a good time for long in this strip!

  5. I like the sidelong look of utter contempt that Funky is giving Crazy in the upper right panel.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    So why does Montoni’s have beer ads in the first place? Do they sell liquor there? Is this common in Ohio? It’s really a counter as opposed to a “bar”, right? I don’t get it.

  7. So why does Montoni’s have beer ads in the first place? Do they sell liquor there?

    Well, Luigi’s of Akron, upon which Batiuk modeled Montoni’s, serves beer, so I guess it follows. Also, Tony had a “new menu idea” to serve “cups with lettuce and vodka” and call them “Salad Shooters“…But yeah, that formica counter doesn’t look like any bar I’ve been in (or behind).

  8. Miskatonic Sophomore

    Panel six: The Blotto bottle twists on its string. Crazy Harry is no longer on his stool, and the counter is unattended. Who emptied that Blotto bottle? I think it was Funky. I think he and Crazy are at a dive bar on the other side of the railroad tracks, sucking down vodka and orange.

  9. Sgt Saunders

    Harry was missing the trance he usually falls into after watching the Budweiser Clock spin around for about two hours…he was drinking Dickel Brothers Sour Mash, Buddy.

  10. For crying out loud… it’s a “counter” it’s not a bar

  11. O.B. Dan

    Tony had a “new menu idea” to serve “cups with lettuce and vodka” and call them “Salad Shooters.“

    Holy cucumber, Fatman! Tony would have had his snowbird ass hauled into court by the folks who peddled the trademarked and copyrighted “Salad Shooter.”

    In the name of Ron Popiel, is nothing sacred?

    But wait! There’s more…

  12. Sgt Saunders

    Considering how the “Salad Shooter” turned out – a marketplace flop – the TM owners would probably have welcomed any licensing opportunity, even one as bizarre as the one depicted in yet another TB reverse-engineered “joke.” That is one where TB picks an unfortunate “punch line” and painfully force-fits the joke to the punch line, e.g. “salad shooter” as the idiodic combination of vodka and lettuce.