The Knights of Knee



TB, if you are gonna use the exact same setup for two strips about three weeks  apart, then yeah, I’m gonna mash them up in Photoshop and make fun of your work. The players have forfeited a first-round tournament game to go hang in the ER with their injured co-cap’n (and um, shouldn’t she have some ice on that thing?) And co-cap’n, rather than ream out this bunch of quitters, is only too content to lie back and bask in the adulation.

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  1. Hunter64

    Glad I found your Twitter page so I could find the new website. I don’t usually post snarks, but I enjoy reading the comments about this lame strip.

  2. Glad to see that Coach Bull did not go with them.

    Remember that old Robin Williams movie: The World According to Garp?

    What we have now with all this quarter of an inch from reality episodes is “The world according to Batiku”
    A separate reality.

  3. Oh….. Welcome back to TFH.

    Let the Snarking Begin!

  4. Sgt. Saunders

    Instead of that nurse in P2, I can see Les peeking around the corner, notebook in hand, asking “Is she dead yet?

    Meanwhile, Zero Sum perfects a wanton smirk formed from a heady mix of self-satisfaction and Oxycontin.

  5. Jeffcoat Wayne

    “We’re not visitors… we’re her teammates.” Wow. It’s like the unfunny version of “That was no lady, that was my wife.”

  6. bobanero

    We’re not visitors, we’re her worthless quitter teammates.

    Seriously, only in the Funkyverse can quitting be seen as a sign of character.

  7. redbird

    Glad I found your post at the Curmudgeon. Glad you’re back online, TF!

  8. bobanero

    Pardon me for reposting this comment from previous, but I think it’s relevant..

    TB will need to learn the hard way, that in the real world, when you take out your team captain (either by knee injury or WordPress take-down notice), the players (or snarkers) DO NOT QUIT, they come back STRONGER THAN EVER.

  9. Epicus Doomus

    Whew! A day without goofing on FW is like a day without sunshine. Gotta love how Keisha has taken complete control here. She now (apparently) runs the basketball team and doesn’t take any crap from the hospital staff either. “To hell with your rules, this is LES MOORE”S DAUGHTER!!”. That 45 minutes Summer spent in the hospital had to be quite traumatic for her; good thing the entire team quit in the middle of a game to make sure her ice pack was properly applied.

  10. Alison

    OK, what’s the over-under at this point on how long it takes Summer to actually talk? Seriously.

  11. David O

    Nurse: “Oh, well, that makes it ok, then. I just try to limit the amount of visitors in the E.R. because it makes moving around and helping people with things like freakin’ GUNSHOT WOUNDS more difficult when there’s 9 people standing around in the hallway.

    Ugh, I work in a damn hospital– in the multimedia department, but still, I’ve been to the E.R. Was there no security at all? I’ve yet to see an ER without a guard to let visitors in, lest an estranged ex-husband or something decides to finish off the ex-wife he just shoved down a flight of stairs.

    Then there’s C-Diff. Go ahead and “gel in, gel out”, Summer’s team-mates, alcohol based hand sanitizes won’t kill this pesky little bacteria. You’ll come back from the hospital with an upset tummy then have part of your colon removed a week later after wishing for a quick death.

    But hey, you’re her team-mates!

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  13. billytheskink

    Player in profile peering over the edge of the hospital bed… is that Rebecca Lobo?

    If you’ve got a former UConn All-American on your team, why on earth would you ever forfeit a game?