Usted es Tonto*


Pink attire, bald head…yep, she’s got the cancer, all right. But what’s her husband afflicted with? His friggin’ head is enormous!

*Spanish for “You’re silly”. “Chemosabe”? “Tonto”? See what I did there?

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  1. Epicus Doomus

    I can’t imagine that a lot of people under, say, age 40-45 are going to get that joke. Unfortunately, I did.

    Really, what IS the deal with Chemo-Sabe? He looks like a pro wrestler from the 1950’s. Is there really going to be another whole week of this book signing sycophantic “lives touched by Lisa” nonsense? Ugh….just ugh. There’s NEVER enough cancer in this thing, is there?

  2. John

    Woman: “Hello, Les Moore. Can I introduce myself?”

    Les: “No. Remain nameless. You are only important inasmuch as you obviously have cancer, which will help to advertise the books about Lisa, my wife who died of cancer.”

    Woman: “…*…ooookayyyy. Well, then! May I introduce my beloved spouse?”

    Les: “Only if he has something to do with cancer. Because the book about Lisa, my wife who died of cancer, is mostly about me. My suffering. Her cancer was about me.”

    Woman: “Um, okay, cancer. Um, I have cancer! And to treat my cancer, I go to chemotherapy! And my husband has gone with me to all of my chemotherapy sessions! He’s my chemosabe!”

    Les: *stony silence*

    Woman: “Get it? It’s funny, because ‘The Lone Ranger” is something that exists, and the character Tonto used to call him…and…well….it…”

    Les: “Things existing. Yes. Always amusing. NEXT.”

    Woman: *sobs*

    Husband: “Now, now, dear. Don’t bother the man. After all, he -did- write a book about John Darling! HAW!”

  3. ryokomayuka

    How many more book tours is Les going to go on? Isn’t this the third or fourth time?

  4. Ya know, I only have one word… Ihatethisstoryarc. That counts as a word, right?

  5. And now Chemosabe is thinking… Say, I have everything I need to be a best-selling author too!

  6. sourbelly

    Guess what folks? Batshit didn’t invent the whole “Chemosabe” thing. I remember first hearing it on the Howard Stern Show around 2000. They were making fun of Don Imus’ Kids’ Cancer Ranch, or whatever it was called. Since then, it’s become fairly common parlance. Google it, and you’ll find that various charities have adopted this name.

    In other words, Batshit gets a -0 for originality today. And, oh yes, I sincerely believe that he meant to intend this pun as his own original creation.

  7. Charlene

    Apparently being so close to the chemo has caused his face to swell on one side.

  8. Epicus Doomus

    It appears that as long as people are getting cancer, the book will keep selling. A rather brilliant marketing angle, actually…..heeeeey, wait a minute! Where exactly WAS Les when Fukushima melted down?

  9. Miskatonic Sophomore

    Sweet Christmas. Last week it was a joke about John Phillips from the Mamas and the Papas; today it’s a goddamn Lone Ranger pun. What do we get next, a reference to the Andrews Sisters? How about Doc Savage?

  10. Professor Fate

    You know, I have to think that if I had cancer and was undergoing Chemo (which is just god awful) the last thing I’d want to read was a book about SOMEONE DYING OF CANCER. I mean really, there you are fighting for your life and you’re going to curl up with a book about SOMEONE DYING OF CANCER? Never mind that Lisa pretty much rolled over and died when her cancer came back. Really. Les’s book, in the real world, would appeal to folks who have lost someone to cancer, not the actual cancer victim him or her self. But then les woudn’t be the only one to have lost someone and that would damage his speical snowflake staus and god I hate this strip.

  11. Jeffcoat Wayne

    If Batiuk’s going to go to all that trouble to draw Curly Howard in drag, why not have her/him accentuate that lame pun with a “Nyuk, Nyuk Nyuk!” word balloon?

  12. TheDiva

    Professor Fate: Good point, you’d think a book about someone who fought cancer and survived would be more attractive reading material in those circumstances. But Les is, in TVTropes parlance, a Black Hole Sue (link not provided to save your productivity) and normal human behavior–like the rest of reality–must bend and contort to accommodate his needs.

  13. Jimmy

    I love the title of today’s post as well as Professor Fate’s observation. One can only hope that the hilarious cancer puns will continue for the rest of the week.

  14. sourbelly

    Continuing the dialog:
    Les: Chemosabe? Haw haw haw! Yer killing me!
    Woman: You know what’s killing me? Cancer!
    Everyone in the bookstore: Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  15. Andrew

    So today Les get to meet another cancer fighter and her husband who seems to look a bit like Bruce Cambell.

    It’s one of those times that make me wonder why I’m still reading this strip.

  16. Epicus Doomus

    I’ve often wondered about the cancer book myself; after all, “Lisa’s Story” isn’t exactly an uplifting tale with a happy ending. Unless your idea of “happy” involves morosely pondering the unfairness of it all while sitting on a park bench.

    This book of his appears to be selling quite well, so perhaps Les will eventually consider BUYING A NEW SHIRT OR TWO with his money.

  17. Riff Chick

    apparently TomBat HAS had cancer fighters come up to him and say things like “my last tests didn’t come back so great…” at book signings. I read this in one of this interviews/blog posts/whatevers.

    but it’s still easy to see why all these women and fans would flock to Les, especially the cancer-fighting ones. Because Les is the only person in the world who ever wrote a book about someone fighting/dying of cancer.

  18. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Epicus Doomus: This book of his appears to be selling quite well, so perhaps Les will eventually consider BUYING A NEW SHIRT OR TWO with his money.

    I’m hoping he’ll buy a clue or two, so he’ll have a better idea of how to relate to and communicate with members of the opposite sex. Nah, he’ll probably just spent the loot on a large ceiling mirror so he can watch his royal highness wake up every morning.

  19. bobanero

    It seems like this is just a gratuitous story arc that essentially has the sole purpose of promoting the Lisa’s Story book, which coincidentally TB has a book that he is selling that has the same name. It started with the “Lisa’s Legacy” shirt that Funky was jogging in this last Sunday (coincidentally TB has a charity of the same name). It’s reminiscent of Dagwood promoting the chain of sandwich shops in the Blondie strip. It’s tired and it does nothing to advance the FW story. TB really owes his fans something better.

  20. @sourbelly — Stern swiped it from the Firesign Theatre’s album “How Can You be Two Places At Once When You’re Nowhere At All”. The proper set-up is “Scalp ’em, Tantric!”

    I’m guessing the location of the book signing is NY & this couple is happy they can finally get legally wed.

  21. Sgt. Saunders

    I would have commented sooner except for this nausea that I feel every time I look at today’s strip. I suppose Tombot is trying to make us all experience the side effects of chemotherapy.

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