Much a Douche About Nothing

Naturally, Les is the only one who “gets” the concept of Owen’s costume. Takes one to know one, right? Be careful, “Ben Reilly”: Mr. Moore’s pet peeve about mixed metaphors is well documented. Anyway, if Blonde Sailor Girl despises Owen so much, why has she been following him around all day?

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  1. TheDiva

    One of the hallmarks of many a natural talent, be it in athletics, art, music, or what have you, is the ability to make what they do appear absolutely effortless–their gift just seems to come to them as naturally as breathing. Here, Les demonstrates his innate knack for douchebaggery–even in trading ostensibly friendly banter with a student, he still manages to come off as a smug, insufferable prick. Such a talent comes along but once or twice in a generation, fortunately for the rest of us.

  2. sourbelly

    Yeah, Generic Blonde definitely has a thing for Owen. The question is, “Why?” Maybe it’s his choadish attitude combined with his pencil neck. Hawt!

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Panel two = Les at his absolute most punchable. Panel one, too. Now let us never speak of his costume again…please. And was Owen’s head always all out of proportion with his neck like that? If not, I think that spandex is a little too tight around the throat, in which case he needs to swap costumes with Les immediately.

    I am assuming that “Ben Reilly” refers to some sort of plot line from the “Spiderman” comics? Uh….OK, whatever, I’ll take TB’s word for it, not interested enough to look it up. He sure loves those comic books.

    I guess the original plan was to do a whole week of Owen and Cody, but there just wasn’t enough material there to fill a whole arc. This one was so boring I almost forgot how it started and it was only five days ago. Reading this strip every day rots your brain.

  4. ryokomayuka

    According to Wikipedia, its a story line back from the mid nineties that last a couple of years called the Clone Saga but Ben first appeared in 1975. The only thing is if this is ten years in the future why not choose a story line from more now.
    Here’s the link if your more interested.

  5. billytheskink

    Turned off by project partner Cody’s complete and total Les-ness during last semester’s “family living” class, Mallory has now chosen the less terrible of the two characters TB will allow her to be with.

    She’s Act I Cindy’s body with early Act II Cindy’s mind. This sounds awful, until you realize that Cody is Act I Les’ body with Act III Les’ mind…

  6. $$$Westville Oncologist$$$$$

    Leave it to Funky Winkerbean to reference one of the worst Spider-man stories ever created.

  7. Jeffcoat Wayne

    “All Hallows’ Eve”? What is that, the douchebag version of “The Night Les’s House Gets Egged”?

  8. Sgt. Saunders

    I guess what worries me is – where the hell do you get a Shakespeare costume in Wurstview? Whew. I’m just glad he wore the pants.

  9. davidorth

    Ok, today’s strip title is EPIC. I haven’t seen someone that crafty with words since Dr. Seuss!

    Blondie should have went as a Silent Hill nurse. The sailor thing is just weird. Now she’s going to have to put up with jokes about seamen all day long.

  10. Batominc’s war on the constancy of limb size has now metastasized to the necks of teenage boys. He must be stopped!

    Or at least listed on some official registry. Tracked somehow. Kept away from art supplies.

  11. Flummoxicated

    Argh! I love Elizabethan art and fashion – the sight of Les in a Shakespeare costume has left a twitch in my eyelid. Yuck. Thanks, TomBat.