Three Times a She-Goat

Hell, for once, Coach Bull is making sense. Should they not work harder after losing their first two games? Why do the girls look surprised?

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  1. Epicus Doomus

    Basketball Jones, Tombat has a Basketball Jones
    Has a Basketball Jones, oh baby, oo-oo-oo

    Yes, Tombat is the victim of a Basketball Jones
    Ever since Summer was a little baby, she always be dribblin
    In fact, she was the baddest dribbler in the whole neighborhood
    Then one day, Les bought her a basketball
    And she loved that basketball
    She took that basketball with her everywhere she went
    That basketball was like a basketball to her.

    Hey, Westview Chamber of Commerce, f*ck you. Thanks to your fund raising efforts, this entire strip now centers around basketball. And not even playing basketball, but TALKING about playing basketball. They haven’t even gotten past the “Bull sucks and can’t communicate with the girls, what do we do?” part yet. Are we actually going to have to suffer through this crap for the entire basketball season? Ugh. Please make it stop, I’m so sick of typing the word, “basketball”. It just loses all meaning after so much repetition.

  2. sourbelly

    I guess TB is going for that old saw, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Except, it doesn’t work here. What is Bull supposed to say? “Let’s just take the week off and see what happens in the next game”? Yeah, all those folks who donated hard-earned money to save the She-Goats’ season would be thrilled to see that.

    Anyway, Bull’s assface seems appropriately perturbed today.

  3. John

    Bull: “By the way, it’s come to my attention that some people question how I can possibly find the time to be the Athletic Director, the Girl’s Basketball Coach, and a Physical Therapist. This question should be avoided. Girls, as far as you’re concerned, I’m everything. Say it with me! I am EVERYTHING!”

    Keisha: “We are everything, or YOU are everything? Sorry, wearing this broccoli band I got at the supermarket makes it hard to think.”

    Bull: “I AM EVERYTHING!”

    Summer: “Work at things? WORK? But…but…I’m Summer Moore! The Royal Scion of the Wise Author! The Spawn of Saint Lisa the Holy! I woo and hoo better than anyone else just because I’m ME! Why should -I- work?!?”

    Bull: “I AM EVERYTHING!”

    Afro Annie: “Um, somehow I’m not inspired.”

    Grey’s Anatomy Chick: “I wish Summer would injure herself again. It’s been so long since I looked at cute doctors with my puffy, sleepy gaze.”

  4. bayoustu

    Bull’s assface seems to sporting a rather haughty look today; I wonder if it knows something Bull doesn’t…

  5. Jeffcoat Wayne

    If Panel 1 is any indication, Bull seems to think that letting Owen (black shirt) join the team might help lead the girls to victory.

  6. Merry Pookster

    and no matter how hard TB works the results are still the same; Sloppy and non-creative….yet amazingly only a 1/4″ off.

  7. Beanie Wanker

    Coach-slash-athletic-director Babushka in shorts? I don’t think so. Where the Hell does he get them from? The Rex Ryan Collection? Gross.

    Clearly, Bull is, as sports radio call-in show callers say when they want their team’s coach fired, “losing the locker room.” This is the stage in a coach’s tenure when his remarks fail to pass the eye roll test. His message is not just being not heard, it’s being not listened to. (Hey BatTick – That last sentence? THAT was writing!) This stage is followed almost immediately by the adminstration declaring that the coach’s job is not in jeopardy, followed by the coach getting sacked within 24 hours. Happens every day.

    Come on, people. You know this great gnashing of teeth and rending of garments over the girls basketball team’s underachievement is leading somewhere. Yes, yes, we all know Bat Hack has MANY times in the past given us a huge buildup to plot lines that vanish into thin air, but I have a feeling that this time Tommeh is going somewhere. There are several possible outcomes:

    1) Bull gets fired, goes on a drinking binge with Funky, comes back to the school and mows everyone down with an AK-47.

    2) Bull gets fired, seeks comfort in the arms of ex-Les hanger on Susan, gets kicked out by his wife, goes on a dringing binge with Funky, THEN comes back to school and mows everyone down with an AK-47.

    3) Bull gets fired, seeks comfort in the arms of Les, then goes on antiquing and book tour excursions with him. Cayla returns to the school and mows everyone down with an AK-47.

    Yes, I know everyone here has been suggesting that somehow Saint Summer will rally the troops and save the day, but that’s predictable, trite, and exactly the sort of rubbish BatCrap has been feeding us since Act II. So yearh, that’s what will probably happen.

  8. billytheskink

    – Panel 1 Jewfro
    – Bull being one of the few (maybe only) characters in FW who does not have an extreme sense of entitlement

    – Was there a joke?
    – Bull’s panel 1 hatchet face looks like an obese Pac-Man
    – Bullshorts (always)
    – Everyone else’s sense of entitlement

  9. TheDiva

    Bull’s just admitting he doesn’t know what he’s doing and is only still employed because he has incriminating photographs of certain school board members, isn’t he?

  10. Jimmy

    I see this as foreshadowing to Doormat becoming the coach. Instead of malapropisms, we’ll get inspiring lectures on defeat and hubris.

  11. S.P. Charles

    Bull is making sense… the girls look surprised… I’m sorry, how do these two <B<not go hand in hand?

  12. Beanie Wanker

    Cayla becoming the coach. Been thinking about that one for a while. I mean this whole storyline (now in its sixth week???) started with Cayla predicting the Nannygoats were going in the dumper. I see Bullsquat having a mini-nervous breakdown. No, not to the point where he us given a dog to schlepp around. He just kinda loses it a bit. Cayla sees him sobbing in the teachers lounge. Volunteers to take the reins. Bull gives his consent. Team goes onto glory. An entire nation of Wankerbean Readers (what’s left of ’em – my paper dropped the strip ages ago) goes into sugar shock. The rest of us experience projectile vomiting. Be warned.

  13. $$$Westville Oncologist$$$$$

    I look forward to Bull’s speech during the 8th straight loss. ‘Girls we’re going to try something new and work EIGHT TIMES as hard”!!