They Even Won the District Title

Still can’t comprehend that Bull, who has walked the halls of Westview High lo these last few decades, is completely unaware that Ann Fairgood was the girls’ hoops coach back in the day. Also failing to grasp why this matters… or why Westview High School even needs a trophy case.


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  1. billytheskink

    I’ll bid eleven dollars and twenty-six cents on that showcase Bob Barker.

  2. Merry Pookster

    P1 should read: “So your half-Brother Darin’s’ adoptive Mom…”

    Ooh boy! DISTRICT… what’s that like back in the Ann’s day… the combination of 2 wimpy conferences of girls.
    Ann had to be the couch when bull was a player-student… so she’d be in her 70’s now+

  3. bobanero

    I think I feel an Ass Pull coming.

  4. John

    Bull: “Wait, since when has -this- school won enough awards to justify there being an entire case?!?”

    Summer: “Since SHUT UP, that’s when!”

  5. Sgt. Saunders

    Where is Bull’s left arm in P2?

  6. Epicus Doomus

    Never mind his arm, Sarge, where are his ankles? His calves are actually hovering in mid-air over his sneakers in panel two!

    Bull has never, ever noticed the school’s lone sports trophy before? Good thing that sweaty, helpful young fellow wearing number 4 pointed it out to him. Seems hard to believe that Bull wouldn’t have known about the school’s only sports achievement, but then again, it has been established that he’s a complete idiot, so maybe it is somewhat believable. After all, he’s only passed by the “showcase” four or five thousand times in his life.

  7. Flummoxicated

    If Bull is truly this stupid, he must get confused about how to breathe. Hopefully there’s someone around whenever he needs to be reminded to inhale, then exhale.

  8. $$$Westview Oncologist$$$$$

    Give Bull a break here, guys! The mere fact that somebody actually achieved success in ANYTHING at Westview, would be hard for any person to believe. I’m pretty sure Bull thought the trophy case was just for show and hand no real accomplishment attached to it.

  9. JynnanTonnyx

    Jeez, get on with the story already. It’s not like subtle hints and deftly woven multiple plots are the name of the game here, so TB can afford to speed up the pace. Mention the deus ex b-ball coach, go to her house, she accepts (or accepts with a Zany Ultimatum!), finis. One or two strips, tops.

    …then again, Les is nowhere in sight, so maybe we do want this dragged out.
    At least Ann Whatsherface isn’t annoying. Yet.

  10. sourbelly

    Oh, total hell! You smart alecks have already noticed Bull’s missing arm and ankles! What’s left? Oh yeah, I suppose it should be “girls’ basketball” rather than “girls basketball” in panel one. I guess that’s supposed to illustrate just how illiterate that stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid Bull really is.

    Really, dontcha hate how stupid that Bull guy is? Sure hope they find a new coach so the Lady Goats can win that championship that they’re entitled to!

  11. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Westview has a showcase for its trophies? Or, I’m presuming, it’s one trophy. I’m suddenly reminded of the moment in “Wayne’s World” when Mike Myers declares: “A gun rack? A gun rack? I don’t even own a gun, let alone MANY guns that would necessitate an entire rack!”

  12. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Bull’s missing arm is actually just hidden behind his back, where he’s reaching into his ass to search for his missing brains.

  13. flappy

    #4 in panel 3 has one stick leg

  14. Sgt. Saunders

    All those missing body parts are the result of optical illusions created when the gym floor is made from human flesh. … That’s disgustapatin’, I know. But so is this entire arc.

  15. bobanero

    Looks like December 2011’s most depressing Funky Winkerbeans are posted on Comics Alliance.

  16. dollyllama

    Nothing to say about today’s comic that hasn’t already been said and laughed over. But two thoughts: TFHackett, I wish there was a “like” button for your headlines and daily synopses. You’re on fire. And Jeffcoat Wayne: I’m kind of missing the extreme makeovers you used to give Funky strips. Otherwise, Happy New Year everyone. Carry on.

  17. Jimmy

    If Westview made it all the way to State before Summer blew out her knee, it would have won district first. This makes no sense.

  18. S.P. Charles

    But did they win Regionals?

  19. Beanie Wanker

    Epicus Doomus says, “Bull has never, ever noticed the school’s lone sports trophy before? Good thing that sweaty, helpful young fellow wearing number 4 pointed it out to him.”

    Was thinking the same myself, but hesitated to mention that since the LAST time one of our colleagues had a snit fit over my suggesting that Summer was a guy. In fact, Summer looks more like a guy in today’s episode than ever before. Sorry. Just sayin’. So sue me.

    Hey, Frank Robinson once won the Triple Crown (1966) as a Baltimore Oriole. How about bringing him back to play right field again? I just get the feeling that something nauseatingly contrived is about to happen. Anal Fairgood looked pretty old and frail at Derwood’s birthday party. (That is, when BatYuck wasn’t randomly making her look 25 years younger.) Tommeh, who knows nothing about sports and even less about coaching, has no idea how physically demanding it can be to coach basketball. But somehow, Anal will be the BEST DANG COACH IN ALL OF AHIA, by golly! The Nannygoats will be transformed overnight into the Harlem Globetrotters.

    Then Anal will have a heart attack during the championship game. The team, not wanting to go on without its Wunderkoach, will walk off the court…. Stop me if you’ve heard any of this before….

  20. Epicus Doomus

    Beanie: “Nauseatingly Contrived” was the original choice for the Act II title, but it was considered too confusing for the readers, so they stuck with naming the strip after a character who’s rarely even in it instead.